"Level 3 training has given me the knowledge that will ensure my ability to have, be or do whatever I want."

- Donald G. 

"Level 3 Training was one of the most powerful experiences I had, it can only be compared to some moments I lived in GIN Dream Weekends! This training helped me clearing up all the burdens, fears, 'hidden' beliefs, doubts and failures from the past, provided me effective tools to deal with unexpected behaviours or events, and 'wings' to fly outside the 'nest', entering in the game of life to produce the results I want. What would you do or give to get rid of all that is holding you back, feeling like brand new? What price tag would you place in the ability to feel empowered and confident, stepping out of your own way, entering the game of life generating the results you want? We are the choices we make, upgrading to Level 3 is a MUST, I strongly encourage everyone to do it."

- Roberto A. 

"Great! I'm loving it guys, it's awesome!! I feel like Thurston Howell the 3rd, where before I felt like Gilligan. Now when I screw up I just laugh and say 'Money' Thanks GINger. LOL.... Seriously though, it is really about consistency. I find this to be the true adjustment one must be willing to make to have any of this stuff work. I lost 40 lbs in 15 weeks, I don't drink booze anymore....the only TV show I watch is The Daily Planet on the Discovery channel, because this program is all about what people are doing to make things better on this planet and mainly focuses on inventors and people doing cool things. Ok I watch one more show called The Big Bang Theory.... That is one funny show...IMHO. OK...... too much information......har har. Peace."

- George W. 

"Level 3 is amazing. The information gave me the courage to move forward with my ideas and make peace with the unfulfilled ones. I now am more aware of the impact that not following through with a decision makes in my life and not acknowledging it. I definitely will re-listen to this training as much as I can. This contained very powerful information. Thank you so very much to those responsible for the development of level 3."

- Mark O. 

"The level three training is the most mind blowing training I have ever had year to date. I cannot wait until I upgrade to level four. The training is so good beneficial. All the GIN programs beneficial. I want to be at every event, every meeting and all the training. At the moment, I am doing what I can do now. With Love,"

- Lee C. 

"All those niggling, debilitating doubts and negativities that stopped me living the full and fulfilling life I'm meant to live are identified and simply swept away in level 3. It's always difficult to quantify a psycho-emotional value in numbers and practicalities. But as I apply level 3 training, my business and income levels are beginning to rise and I can put that down to the clearer me that is emerging thanks to the training. Once again, the genius that is GIN shines through to help me improve my life in all directions."

- Scott H.