"My initial run through of the member level II training completely astounded me! Virtually the nexy day I gained the ability to create manifestations almost at will. It takes all of the concepts outlined in 'Your wish is Your Command' and if applied correctly, the Level II training gives you the catalyst to amplify those concepts 10 fold! I have confidence and an allure I've never had before. I'm attracting better prospects. Women with qualities I enjoy are coming into my existence. I'm better able to read people. I look forward to creating more money for myself."

- Matthew C. 

"I have been studying Level 2 since I upgraded, and have found that my focus has been intensified. I know I am going to be using what I know to go platinum, and also go up to the next level as soon as possible!"

- Tavius S. 

"I've only listened to a few hours of level 2 training so far. However, I've been so fired up about GIN and working on my goals that I've been creating websites for GIN and other kinds of internet marketing as well. My goal is to reach $5000 in passive income by the end of the year. I would also love to go platinum so I will be working hard to achieve that goal this year."

- Graeme C. 

"Dear GIN Team; WOW...I just want to thank you for putting this program together. My wife, Marlen and I joined last month. We enJoyed listening to Your Wish is Your Command. Level 1 was inspirational from the grassroot level. I feel as if we are part of something special. Level 2 took the 4 Basics to another level (no pun intended). The information has been easy to follow and yes takes time and commitment. I highly recommend any one who is thinking about going to Level 2 to take action. We have signed up for Go Platinum in 90 Days and also for the 5 Star Weekend. Thanks again."

- Dave B. 

"To Whom it May Concern, The GIN training has empowered me to the realization that I can have, be, and do anything I desire! In just the first two levels I have went from laid off, homeless and taking prescription pills for four fractured discs from a car accident to a job, a home, and healed with no more pain! I now know that I created those situations and I learned several things from those experiences, mainly I am not a victim but the creator of my own reality and with the proper focus, my creations will be what I want! I am in control of my thoughts! Mr. Trudeau and the GIN Council has given me the tools for success and I will not settle for anything less! Thank YOU Mr. Trudeau and the Council!!!! -Sincerely My Life is Changed-"

- Matthew C. 

"I have loved every minute of both levels of training and now currently testing in level two. Looking forward to level three. I did get a little side tracked on the training last week after seeing Esther/Jerry/Abraham live in Phx. I read all their books before going and went with great anticipation. I was blown away. The experience alone was worth paying a million dollars for (I suggest everyone go even if you must travel long distance). I feel blessed and look forward to what is coming in my life for the first time in 25 yrs."

- Scott H. 

"Level 2 is awesome much more information too much to really sink into, at the same time I crave for more, I'm in the process of creating the best life I can imagine and then going further."

- Darryl W. 

"Hi there - I've only recently upgraded to level II so the Ron Ball seminar in Nashville (dream weekend) was my first level II training. It was fantastic. Brain Train was a hit with me and I purchased his book immediately. I have much to look forward to. Thank you,"

- David L. 

"Greetings - Upgrading to level 2 is allowing me to learn more information about achieving financial freedon, wealth creation, dynamic health and emotional well being; and to recognize and appreciate what I did not understand at the basic training. I want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how to utilize it, the tools, feelings and situations to manifest. I worry a lot. Level 2 training is helping me to realize my fears, the blockages and negative energy surrounding me. Breaking the worry habit takes effort. But then I remind myself to stop and pay attention. I've learned not to hold onto the past and staying in the present and to focus on my vibration. And as I become focused, I feel happy, worries fade and gratitude slips in.

At Dream Weekend at Nashville, I realized that my dream is not in alignment with me because of blockages, of the past not through with me. I am learning to exercise deep breathing, meditating and writing my thoughts to feel good. I feel good right now. At level 2, I still have a ways to go. As I continue my training and learning, I am confident of my growth to becoming a different person and create wealth. I am starting to make my dream and thank you for many tools available there. There's a lot I do not know yet. I am continuing to learn and to stay focus and increase my vibration and my goal to to upgrade to the next level to give life to my dream board and create my future reality. I am happy and grateful being a member of GIN. Sincerely,"

- Cheryl M. 

"I have changed for the better in every direction, I thank you for all the help and support."

- Samuel E.  

"Hello; I listen to the training many times and it change my way of thinking and looking at things; I will take the test soon and want to upgrade to level 3 and keep going up; thank you for changing my life."

- Patrick B.