"GIN has done such much for me and my family that at words can not express!!! Although I am not debt free nor can I do any and all things that I like to, the time for me to do so IS coming!!! However, I am happier than I have every been and I aware of my emotions which has allowed me to be in control of how I feel!!! For that alone GIN is priceless to me!!! As a woman there is nothing like being able to control you emotions!!! Thank you the GIN council!!!"

- Kimie G. 

"Hello Gin Family - I would like to express that I love this level one training and I learn more each day. This is better than college. Thank you, GIN."

- William B. 

"Yes; I like, I make some new rules in my Life. Each Day, I listen minimum One audio or registered seminar. After just one week in Gin; I feel the inproof."

- Paul P. 

'I have learned so much from the CDs set 'Your wish is my command', The reading of the Laws of success, along with what I am reading now, 'Think and grow rich' have all changed my life forever. I know the true things that KT is trying to teach is believe in what you are doing but have compassion for others that seek your help along the way. The promotion of helping people find that success in themselves comes from us that are gathering the knowledge from what we read, and the audios are a great way to give the eyes a rest and absorb all the information we collect. I am pleased with my progress thus far. I am learning things at a record pace. There were some tools I bought to help me along the way that I would like to mention for everyone to apply during their knowledge gathering enlightenment. Mega memory is by far one of the best self help tools for remembering important things while researching the site. It has become one of the best tools I use daily to help me organize information that the mentors have place on the site. The books they have suggested are the most treasured of my possessions. I also feel that the Neothink manuscripts helped me ready myself for the transition to participate in both organizations. If I had to put a price on all that I have gained in the last eight months as being a member of Neothink and now GIN, I could never come up with the money it would take. I have found a energy inside of me that has lead me to things I never thought would be possible for me in my life time. In order to be a success I do not have to be rich to show anyone. I do not have to show my net worth to anyone. The only person I have to impress is myself, and I am impressed by that every day. I feel stupendous and energized the more I learn. I have self taught myself to bring things into perspective on a daily basis through replication and apply things through action. No bad decisions or failures. I have both faith and belief to ward off those negative things and now turn them into positives. With only a couple of thousand dollars left in my savings account to upgrade to level 2 with, I know in my gut that the decision to do so now is a good investment in me and my family.

I know that my personal wealth is only as good as my compassion for my fellow man. That true wealth comes from those seeds we sow and how we prepare ourselves for life. There are no inbetweens in decision making. You either do or you don't and there are no inbetweens or comfort zones to hide in. Life is energy and action of organized thought. It propels us forward in mind and body. Once we gain this knowledge of eliminating our fears by erradicating the stumbling blocks in our way and turn them into successes. There are never failures after that, only things that teach you and prepare you for more success. You get what you desire to learn from in all material if you replictae by applying these things daily to your life. The tools teach you to trust and believe in yourself, and that all things are possible when a purpose takes on desire, with positive action. The universe we live was created with just a thought, followed by action words. I know that I will speak to thousands of people. I have seen it in my visions that purpose of lifting others up into awareness so that we can gain happiness and prosperity together as one. I could go on for hours writing about what I have learned and apply every day. My passion and desire sometimes makes me long winded because I feel that need to move people to wake up and see all the beauty they have been suppressed to not see all their lives. There lies the true value of wealth in anyone! The value is the creative mind followed up by the golden rule that makes it a value for everyone to live by. That we must seek truth and purpose, and follow it up by striving to find that everlasting life we fight for everyday to exist. I am powerfull and I vibrate a constant positive energy now to everyone I see and don't see. I see the future through the eyes of the strong and just. It is a beautiful world that sees all our dreams come true, because we desired it in our thoughts and followed it by action. There is no looking back to the fear that turns many into pillars of salt, only the beauty of things to come by those that have a burning desire for its achievement.

Thank you GIN for being an integrable part of my life transition to find the real me. That person is Rex Coker and I am a champion that has conquered many fears to get to the point I am now. I told DR.C when he was autographed his new book for me. I told him to remember my first name. It will be on the walls of the just, because I made a difference with my thoughts and actions. Thank you."

- Rex C. 

"I am still studying and learning and will definitly advance to level 2 in near future. Gin has provided me with an entirely new outlook on life, prosperity, abundance and Joy! For this knowledge I am thankful, grateful and filled with appreciation at becoming the person and living the life I was meant to live. One million thank you's!"

- Bruce W. 

"Joining the Global Information Network has had a great impact in my life. The training has been phenomenal and the Taste of GIN meetings are awesome. I am looking forward to moving up and learning more information that will change my life for the good. Sincerely,"

- Carlo R. 

"'Wow' is the word that describes the Level 1 training. The information is mind-blowing and life-changing. I see things in a completely different perspective due to the information I've learned so far. I am glad to be a member of GIN and I look forward to learning more and advancing to the next level!"

- Calen J. 

"Since I have been a GIN member I learned a lot, I had some cash, I have been happy. But my life ain't how it suppose to be. I'm still learning the business and I hope to be rich and successful soon. Don't struggle again, bring large of cash."

- Donvanilla C. 

"Your wish is your command had change my thinking. Now my problems are taken with positive attitude, as a matter of fact I no longer see them as problems, but as challenges that I can overcome. Now also I'm paying attention to the law of attraction, and is true what you think the most it's what you get back. And now I'm reading books, instead of tv. I found tv now as a waste of time."

- Martin I. 

"Hello, my name is Gwendolene Widener. I am a single mother of two and not in the best shape emotionally and physically. I started my level 1 training filled with hopes of a brighter future for me and for my children. My goal was to listened to all of the training sessions, read as much as I could, and create a better/stronger me. Months passed by before I knew it. I continued to listen and learn. Following the examples set before me, I introduced my friends and co-workers to GIN. No one signed up. Discouragement and negativity started to fill me once again. I stopped myself from thinking that way and said over and over again, 'My goal is to be a stronger person, to be rich emotionally' as I did each day since starting the training. In February 2011 I realized how very far I had come. My positive thoughts had improved my mood and also my situation. I was in control. I was strong. I commanded my future!

I have not signed anyone up, but I have met my goal. My new goal is to grow my business as I have grown myself. This next year will see me become a level 2 and have 3 people as my down lines. I will also attend at least 3 meetings. My hope is that with the help of my GIN family, I will not only meet, but exceed my set goals. The lives of me and my children have truly changed for the better because the level 1 training...I can't wait to see what happens next!"

- Gwendolene W.  

"Dear GIN team - I will honestly attempt to share my thoughts on how the Level 1 Training positively impacts my life. To be frank, I intuitively can feel the energy from this level and it makes me wonderfully uplifted and feel happy! I appreciate my life and I understand that I still have a lot of challenges to overcome. Yet the energies I feel even as a level 1 member has truly provided me the data I needed in order to assist me in learning better ways of living so that I will always be able to overcome the challenges I may face in this lifetime. Though different challenges arise often I believe with my spiritual beingness that this life giving force GIN offers is good feeling, up-tone in vibration and this is exactly what I need to continue believing my life matters and I am an important asset in our universe. I will make a positive difference for the good of all in this life time. I have yet to know how I will make a positive impact in this lifetime and I don't actually see it on my radar at this time - yet I just know that I know it will be good and worth it! :) So I am going to be happily living for a very long time :). Thank you GIN for allowing me to be a member and a part of your fabulous team of winners :). With deep gratitude,

- Belinda C. 

"Before listening to 'Your Wish Is Your Command CD' series, I have been involved in different marketing systems that promise great reward if you apply their strategies. Although I thought I have learned a great deal on how to achieve success, i never really felt that I did achieve any success. After listening to 'Your Wish Is Your Command CD' series, I became involved in Global Information Network and the training that I get as a level one member surpasses in quality, in content, in motivation etc...than anything that is out there in the world. I am a successful person now, I am still not upgrading yet, but I know now where I am going. Even though I have yet to attend some events with GIN, but I am better now than I was one year ago. I am grateful for all the GIN council for offering this great opportunity to those who would never get it otherwise.

I am moving towards taking some actions in order to get involved and use the vibrational teachings I am enjoying now as a level one member. Soon I am upgrading to level Two and enjoy the next level of teachings that I know is available for me at that level. I consider myself a level 12 member climbing the stairs one by one to my arrival at the top. I am so grateful for GIN. Thank You!"

- Hugues J. 

"Hi there - My name is Corey Larson. My level 1 training is moving along very well. I only wish I could devote more of my time to this training. You see I am currently employed in Minot, North Dakota working in the Oil Fields. I'm working 17 hour days, six days on then two days off. So I am at the library spending as much time as I can on the GIN website on my off days. I am learning a lot about the basics. I am learning to love them. I am also learning to love reading. There is so much information out there to learn. I often find myself having a hard time deciding on where to start. You see ever since I can remember I have always wanted a lot from life. Scratch that I've wanted everything good that life has to offer! Which has brought me to this point. I am 22 years old. I know I am still young and somewhat immature. I know I have a lot to learn. I keep in mind every day that I don't know what I don't know, which is much. I went through Mark Hamilton's year long journey/mentorship. What a journey indeed. Now I am just getting started with the GIN training. I am feeling stronger every day and truly growing intellectually and emotionally. My future has never looked brighter. In fact I want to confide in you with something. When I think of my future I have a feeling of wonder at what I will be capable of doing with all my training and knowledge. I am forever, trully gratefull. I have always known that I can do anything with my one life to live. It is now being proven to me. I have so many ideas. I have yet realize my full dream and final chief aim. I do know that want to help change the World. Which I will. So I end with this: I hope nothing here sounds cocky or over confident in anyway. For that is not my nature. Just remember my name... maybe that's my chief aim? Thanks GIN! See you on a beach somewhere. Anything is possible. I love you all."

- Corey L. 

"I would like to share my experience about the training for GIN Level I. It is phenomenal and very powerful/nothing comparable."

- Ferdinand P. 

"I am a slow beginner, so I was very overwhelmed by all the information, just had to settle up and take one step at a time, pay attention to the cds and listen and listen and listen and read and be patient with the material and myself. I did get something the very first day, a very big smile on my face (which I already have) and it was real all thru the day and has continue since I started. Everything it not so overwhelming, and things are started to happen, little but I change in the last few weeks, skin, burns, very bad scrapes in leg, eye. Business is looking better which not bad for a small one, could be better and it has! I feel good, and I feel it is going to get more, whatever it will be with is this training. I got some wishes not too big, their still hurdles for me, in this life."

- Joy C. 

"Hello -Absolutely a complete transformation, new career, new woman and new and improved goals for self and the planet!!! www.green-zebra.com Feeding the children around the world and transforming a very outdated educational system...Powerful tools for powerful leaders who wish to cultivate and inspire change. Thank you, Sincerely,"

- Shelley Lee M. 

"I bought the Cd's awhile back. I received Kevin's invitation CD in the mail to sign-up and be able to participate on the cruise next year. Two things stand out since I signed up recently:

1) I had been looking for the right Qi-Gong practitioner to work with to advance my healthy lifestyle and business. I was at a friends NCAA party and he asked me to meet a dear friend who he thought I would enjoy meeting since I am the only person at the party who would truly appreciate meeting a qi-gong master who is a direct descendent of a practice that started in China thousands of years ago. The master and I had a nice conversation. In the coming weeks I was able to meet with the master and had an eye opening experience about understanding the power of focused energy. This will not be my only meeting with the master even though he lives overseas.

2) I received a call last week from on old friend who the last time we saw one another was in a court room. I had arranged a business deal with he and another party. It ended up in a law-suit and his attorney tried to get money from me since I made the introduction. Oddly enough I used energy to focus on the desired result at that time and I ended up not paying anything while the two parties settled. He had recently formed a partnership with a young man who was from a royal family. He was helping him establish a business focused on investments. They had a need for some of my contacts and wanted to know if I would be willing to make a few calls with a fee attached. I thought well something good will come out of this and so far things are moving in the right direction. The constant daily focus on the teachings just keeps moving you in the right direction and you have a feeling that you are right around the corner from manifesting your dreams. Thanks, "

- Sean M. 

"I have been a member with GIN since August 2010. Initially I joined for the benefits offered by the membership and have not been disappointed. The amount of information available just at level one is incredible. It has been taking up a good portion of my time every week reading and listening to lectures. The lessons at level one are outstanding and I am continually applying them to my life in order to increase my income and get rid of debt. The emotional benefits are noticeable instantly whereas the financial benefits take more time, but come none the less. For this reason I haven't moved on to level 2 yet but as soon as I am able to hit some targets it will be the next step. From there I am sure things will move faster as I can feel the momentum growing. I would rather go without food than let my membership lapse and can't wait to move up the levels and see you all on the beaches of the world. Health, Wealth and Happiness."

- Eric A. 

"Hello Fellow GIN Members! I am enjoying our Level 1 Training very much. Once I reestablish my original investment I will move to Level II. Have an awesome day!"

- Gail T. 

"I am still training, but up to now what I have learned has left me feeling less worries, and I am more optimistic about my future. You know, I always thought that my future would be bright, now I know it will! Thanks all the GIN staff, see you all soon! Love you you all tons!!!!! Sincerely,"

- Michael R. 

"The information that I have attained from this social club has been positive, rewarding and uplifting for free thinking individuals. Reading from the suggested book list is a prudent choice, to understand the basic underlining foundation that G.I.N is trying to instill. Knowledge is only power if you use it!!!"

- Fernando L. 

"I have NOT BEEN to one of the Sanctioned speaker training, BUT, I have listened to Global INFORMATION NET., by Kevin Trudeau, HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL IN HOME MEETING. I love it. LOVE IT. I learned who to invite to the meeting, what Time/DATE. Setting the house for the meeting. I learn about Books, CD, I learned so much. But need to learn more. There is so much to learn and I am so excited."

- Consuelo V. 

"I love it, I am so much more happier and full of posibilities. I am more focused and everyday working towards my goal to be self employed and financial free. Best thing I every did for myself."

- Cheryl G. 

"The Level 1 training has given more more clarity on how I am going to achieve my goals, confidence in all areas of my life & excitement! I upgraded to Level 2 on 4/16/11 when will I be updated on the website? Thanks,"

- Michael S. 

"Hello - I am still working on level 1 training. I am having such a great time. I am taking notes as I listen to the audios. I have not felt this happy in such a long time. I have given up my normal TV time to train my mind in a new direction. My goal is to be a level 4 by the end of summer; I believe I can do it even sooner. Once I am done with level 1 training I will let you know. My undying thanks to GIN,"

- Mary M. 

"So far, the training has left me extremely excited, positive and vibrant every day. Suddenly working towards my dream feels very good, content and right. I look forward to upgrading to level 2 in the near future and can't wait for the future! :) I have full appreciation for Kevin Trudeau and his colleagues who set up GIN. Thank you very much for this wonderful group!"

- Amy M. 

"I am having amazing growth on my journey with gin. First I got to go on the cruise for free, because Kevin Trudeau offered to pay the membership of anyone who sent on the site and signed up, and also you received a cruise. That cruise was sooo amazing. I was in the front row when KT was clearing out all our blocks. The second he started clearing out blocks I started crying and crying, there was a gentleman on the right on me who started crying as well, so we just hugged each other and we both continued to cry and cry and cry. After he thanked me for be able to share this moment together, it was Amazing. I stayed in this crying mode for at least a week after the cruise as well. In between the listening to the audios and reading the books every day has been a continuing part of my growth. I recently came back from Nashville, Tennessee, (the dream weekend) again I had that same experience, the crying, and crying, and at first I didn't know exactly why, but when I got on the shuttle going to the airport home, I realized that each time I attend these events I am losing the person that I thought I was, (this body) to becoming more and more of who I REALLY AM. Awesome, the speakers outstanding, the energy, I can't even put into the words. I am definitely going to upgrade to levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and on. because I can't wait to see at each level what I don't know. And I want to experience more that energy I feel every tiime I go to an event. The breakthroughs I feel, the release I feel... I want more...... I can't wait to see who I will become in this journey of going through the different levels. Peace and Love."

- Wanda T. 

"My wife is blown away by the shift in my attitude and my out look of our future. I am sleeping better and am much happier. I know how to create our financial freedom and have all our wishes come true. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be the top earner that GIN has ever seen. My story will be the greatest success story ever told. I am going from bankrupt to millionaire in 2 months. To all my GIN brothers and sisters; SEE YOU AT THE TOP. Regards."

- Ken 

"Hi - The Level 1 training I have received from GIN has been life changing! Depression is something I have fought with for many years, not any more. I have learned how to eliminate negative thoughts and addictions for good, enjoy what I have, and be very thankful also. I am now pursuing my dreams and have just started a business which I feel Really good about and am more exited about life than I have ever been. Now life to me is an adventure every day, and I create it. GIN is an amazing well organized program loaded with great information, opportunity, and networking that ALL people could benefit. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if they wanted to stop talking about their dreams and start living them instead!"

- Randy B. 

I have everything to say about my level one training, It has been fantastic, from the new way of eating and living a healthy life, being aware of what I'm putting into my body, to what I'm putting on my body. The training has brought me a new way to think about every day life and how to have a great day every day, also as a business man it has brought me confidence and stability in my thinking and reactions to be at cause and not at affect of any certain situation, challenge or opportunity. I'm at level one training and look forward to level two training, I know what a great opportunity it is and I am very gratefully for the opportunity you have giving me, and will continue to work hard and support GIN and brothers and sisters of GIN in the future. Once again thank you for YOU and what you have given me so far and if there is anything I can do to help I am here, I'm opening a Bagel & Coffee Rostery bakery shop to do retail and wholesale also planing to open a Micro Brewery & Smokehouse here in Canberra Australia, so if there is any thing at all I can do there let me know or anything at all I'm here...all the best"

- John B. 

"The Member Level 1 training in GIN helped me realize that anything is possible, even for someone like me. Within a few months of listening to the training, I applied some of what I learned about the Law of Attraction. So what happened after Level 1? I found the love of my life, moved to the west coast, and started a new life from scratch. Not bad. I made a promise to myself that no matter how challenging life gets, GIN will be one of those things that I'll see all the way through, all the way to the top. I'm buzzing about what I'm going to learn throughout the different membership levels and the people I'm sure to meet within this journey. I look forward to the future with a sense of calm expectancy and am more appreciative of the present moment than I ever have been. Very grateful to be part of this. Sincerely,"

- Marko R. 

"Becoming a Level 1 GIN member is like looking through a window at the beach versus standing on the sand and experiencing it. The information available is life changing. I'm most definitely not the person I was before my membership. I'm learning how my way of thinking and feeling is directly impacting every aspect of my life, but that I have the choice at any moment to change them is empowering and motivating. The speakers are phenomenal, genuine, and sincere. Their knowledge that they generously share is inspiring and practical. I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for all that I've listened to and met. What I'm discovering not only is transforming me, but also those around me as they notice the differences. They are learning and growing as I learn and grow. I'm gaining confidence to do more than I had expected of myself and be more than I expected of myself. These qualities are getting noticed in my community. Anyone on the fence wondering if it is worth the investment, I can only say for me that is way so worth it and much more."

- Heidi G. 

"I cannot honestly boast about what level 1 has done for me because I haven’t given this training the time it truly deserves. The training and discipline to this point, even without focusing on my level 1 training has been phenomenal and what it’s done for me is priceless but that’s for another time, when I prove myself in GIN. I enjoyed Dream Weekend for my first seminar in Nashville last weekend and it just blew me away. Now, I understand what I have to do and am starting right now to go back and start training with level one audios and etc. I don’t need to tell you what level one training will do for me when I complete it…you already know, and I do too. See ya at the top! Best of Success!"

- JD S. 

"Hello - Well, where to start. The best part of the level one training for me is the 'feel good now' step. Previously I had times of positive excited energy, but could not sustain it for more than a day at a time, and then not very frequently. I really enjoyed being in that state of 'bliss', and am so happy that I am now able to prolong feeling good for days and when I go back to my old ways I can get myself back to feeling better faster and faster.

I have also been able to shed 20 pounds. I started taking the HCGplus drops and eating a 500 cal diet and am now feeling amazing. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but am surprised at how easy it was to stick to the diet and do the program. I have been dieting most of my life and after my daughters were born I never lost the weight I gained during pregnancy. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and am taking natural desicated thyroid (derived from pigs) to keep me at normal TSH levels. Hence, the weight did not come off easily with every diet I previously tried. In fact, I would lose a few pounds, and then gain them back. Never really going over my original weight, but never succeeding in losing.

I have a better focus on where my future is going and I am clearer on what I want it to look like. This evening I finished listening to Marshall Sylvers' "The missing pieces to making millions" and I am truly inspired. He is amazing, and I feel like I have truly been hypnotized into becoming a better me.

I look forward to future information, and possibly attending a seminar. I live in Vancouver BC and most of the seminars seem to be far away. I am very happy to be a GIN member and am excited to see what my life will look like in a year or more from now."

- Debbie R. 

"I started with GIN in Oct of last year, I had also written a book earlier and was looking for a publisher. I had engaged an agency, In Oct (a period of less than 3 weeks) the following happened in this order: 1. I joined GIN 2. My agent told me it could take 2 -3 years to match me with a publisher, they put me on a data base and went on vacation. 3. Same week, the publisher contacted me, they were not contacted by agents, but found me since I copy wrote my work. Since Oct.: 4. I was studying level 1 (only) now my book is published and on sale 5. The publisher would like to talk about going for a MOVIE deal. Until Oct last year, I had heard it was possible to have what you want, and I searched for the means but found no good instructions. Until the 'Your Wish is Your Command' CD's which have been very detailed. Though, my life is VERY HECTIC, has always been. My fortunes run hot and cold I now see there really is a path to obtain what I want. I have to be persistent and patient. I have always been stubborn when it comes to sticking to projects. Despite ALL the challenges I have faced. and there has been Quite a few, Health issues as well as money. (Not only uncontrollable Diabetes but a neck injury as well.) We also had a tragedy (we lost my father-in-law the day after my birthday this year). We are in an economic crisis, one of several, esp. now, since the VA took me off disability. With all this happening I nearly lost my membership. But, my daughter is getting married, and I can see money coming. It's not here yet, but it will be. However, I usually prevail. It has never been easy. I have always rolled with the punches. What can one do? Since as a baby (3 1/2) I was sent to this country by my grandmother to rejoin my parents who had to flee when a despot dictator (Duvalier), in a coupe overcame the old regime and the 'Brain Drain' that occurred, following. I really wish all this were only a story, but like the subject of my book, all too real. If you really want my life story, it is long and sorted. Never a dull moment. Now I want to get rich. I know I deserve it, I've earned it. Thank you Mr. Trudeau, for giving good information. I can truly 'see clearly' now. (I paraphrase, that song has much significance for me.) There is a way to control your fortunes, Since surviving the accident that is the topic of my book, I've asked why did I survive? The Law of Attraction must be the answer. It is the only explanation I found, not based on superstition. P.S. the CD sent to alert me of losing my membership says I will go to level 2. Is that true?"

- Leonide L. 

"Dear Sirs - Since becoming a member of GIN my thought processes have changed dramatically for the better. I am now near the top of the emotional scale as described in Ask and it is Given. My income still has not taken off into the stratosphere, but that will no doubt come. I am planning to move up to level II as soon as I have killed of some pesky debts. I have not attempted to recruit anybody as yet. I have a problem in that there are no local meetings in South Africa. In order to take part in meetings one has to get up at 4h00. I wish I could get to some of the wonderful events that are advertised, maybe later this year. Regards."

- Sid N. 

"How Level 1 training has helped me, I became even more focused on the task at hand. Being positive and life affirming to myself as well as my co-workers, I've already dropped 18 lbs since listening to the tapes Your wish is Your Command the energy from them gave me such great incentive to be healthy. Went for blood work, Dr. tried to tell me I have type 2 diabetes, that was news to me. Tried to give me some drugs but not being a drug person I knew I would find something in KT file. There it was Eleotin, after 4 weeks blood sugar is normal and hey probably helped in dropping the weight as well. I take the caps and drink the tea. I thought I read a lot before, wow can read tons more since I did the program for accelerated reading loved it. I carry around the test and read the answers over and over every spare minute I get, listening to the cd's of YWYC in the car when traveling is inspiring it to reminds me to choose for what I want. 'I want to be financially independent easily and effortlessly.' Can't wait to go to my first seminar April 30th in Philadelphia with Ron Ball, I love his joy when listening to him on previous seminars. July 29th can't come soon enough to meet Kevin and hear him speak at 5* weekend. My desire is to live up to all of my dreams. Need I say more look forward to meeting you all someday. Peace."

- Barbara G. 

"My name is Roshell Mason. I am a new GIN member. I was introduced to GIN by Joseph French. He is an outstanding individual. My level 1 training has be most empowering. I use to be on of the most negative persons alive. I was one who always saw the glass as half-full. For years no matter what I tried to do to improve my lot in life nothing would work out. I never knew that the reason things did not work out for me was because of the way I was thinking and feeling. My level 1 training has changed my life for the better. I am no longer a pessimist. I try very,very hard to keep my thoughts and feeling on a positive level. What I have learned through my level 1 training is how to apply the law of attraction in my life to make my life better. I now know that the law of attraction work whether you know about it or not. I now know about it and believe with all by heart that the law of attraction is real, and is working in everyone's life. I still fight to stay positive on a daily bases but I always reflect on what I am learning, and quickly readjust my thinking and feelings. I am looking forward to growing in GIN. I will be attending as many seminars as possible because I would like to gain more knowledge and grow in GIN. I am looking forward to attending as many seminars as possible. I used to be afraid to travel, but after being introduced to GIN I am no longer afraid, and I am looking forward to going on some of the cruises because I understand that there is a great deal of information that I can obtain on the cruises and at the seminars that I cannot get via the computer. I look forward to growing in every aspect of my life thanks to GIN. Thank you for giving me the opporunity to express my love for GIN and to say that I feel bless to be a part of this great organization. Yours truly,"

- Roshell M. 

"'This is the most intoxicated I've ever been on GIN.' I have been looking for this ALL my life. I grew up in a very strict religious cult. In 1985 I was given phyciatric drugs that caused me to go into a coma for 17 days. When I woke up it took 5 years to relearn to talk. While I was in the coma I learned some amazing things about this universe, and it was reaffirmed what I knew (about being human) all my life. Not what I was told, but 'what I knew'. The problem was that I didn't know how to take my spirit vision back into this 'super dimension' that connected all the pieces. Then along came Kevin, Tall walkin' Kevin, Big talkin' Kevin. KT you da 'man' ya got big ones my friend! I don't think I can find the words to do GIN justice ( I like that 'GIN Justice' rolls of your lips doesn't it ). I see the vision of the GIN purpose. And I like it. Mankind has been standing still for almost 2000 years. It's time to get this 'party' ( evolution ) started. To all my brothers and sisters out there 'It's time to ROCK THE WORLD'. Everybody needs a taste of GIN ( actually not just a taste they need the whole bottle ). Thank you KT for everything. I owe you the next hundred years of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! PS Kevin I 'KNEW' it was you I knew it 25 years ago. There are things I want to tell you about being in that coma. 'TOTALLY AMAZING' I also want to thank Greg Cramer for making this possible. Thanks for inviting me. (church ladies with typewritters) That's real funny Greg! LOL! PSS All the single ladies. I'm single too! When I joined GIN my 'other' shot out a my life like a cannonball. So I am FREE. And so you'll know I'm 29 years old and holding. I'll be holding at this age for the next couple hundred years. I'm sure long before that Level 12 will have that whole Quantum thirum thing sorted out. Oh one more thing. WWWWWWWWWWWWWOw! LIVE STRONG, LOVE EVERYONE."

- Dwayne  

"Here it goes from the beginning. I watch very little tv but I happened to be watching a hockey game the night before and when I got up the next morning I turned on the tv to catch the news but it was on a chanel I had never watched before the previous night. Low and behold it was KT doing an infomercial. I only heard about 15 seconds of it and he said, 'if you have everything you want that's great but if you don't and you don't get the YWIYC you will always be a loser'. I went online right then and put it on a cc. I was very excited to get my cd's and I devoured them when I got them. After listening to them the first time I determined to join GIN, only challenge was that I had no money. No problem. I figured I would just use the power of attraction and pull it into my life. My income at the time was about $500 a month and rather than attract the $1000 to join GIN I ended up with more debt. I was obviously applying my newly gained knowledge improperly. I continued to study the YWIYC series making improvements in many ways but what-if wanted most was alluding me, membership in GIN. This went on for over 4 months when I finally got fed up. My income was no better, I was further in debt and this law of attraction stuff doesn't seem to work for me yet. I couldn't just keep waiting around for it to work so I decided, 'screw it!', I'll just have to go out and get the $1000 myself if I'm ever going to join GIN! Ten days later I was a new member of GIN. AHAAA! I was starting to understand. I continue to listen to YWIYC, I have read the recommended books, I listen to audio daily and I have been to a meeting so far. My resultant are a confidence I never new existed, increased income, I have started a couple small companies and I am in the process of putting together a larger one that will be a cash cow allowing me to pursue more of my desires. I am excited about every day. I am going all the way to the top. This is a great ride and I thank you with all that I am. Your GIN brother,"

- J. Sean O. 

"It has tremendously, positively affected my life and I am planning to sign up before the end of April 2011 for level 2. The training has revealed some lacks that I needed to fill in and I’m working on How to change my money blue print so that when I make the money I know how to handle it. Thanks. Will be joining soon and will catch up."

- Marie T. 

"It is a wonderful daily reprogramming tool. Thank you! Peace!!"

- B. 

"Dear friends - I am very, very grateful for the support Level 1 Training is providing. In the 3 month since I joined GIN, my life has changed dramatically - and it keeps just getting better and better! Following Kevin's advice to really only focus on what you want, I turned my back on each and everything in my life that I didn't like. And I wrapped this emotional state that I wanted to experience (bliss, joy, elation) around me like a cloak, throughout my day. The audio I loved best in that time (and listened to over and over again), was the one Kevin talks about this former school teacher of his who had insulted him in front of his class mates, and how he made the firm decision to 'make this guy eat his words'. A few days later, I realized that I was already experiencing the very emotional state I had focused on! I hadn't consciously realized that shift, but it had happened. My outer life had not visibly changed at all, but suddenly, I found myself vibrating on a complete new level of bliss and fulfillment. All that while I kept on listening to and contemplating about Kevin's audios. Then, a few weeks after that, I came to the conclusion it was really LOVE that I wanted to experience, more than everything else. Aware of Kevin's advice that it is easier to put out a feeling, rather than the wish for a very particular thing, I focused on the feeling of love, much as obsessively as I had on the feelings of bliss, joy and elation before. I have no words for the beauty I experience every day now - almost without interruptions. It is fascinating and magical. Even the people in the office I used to hate suddenly approached me in a very friendly way, or simply have left my immediate environment. Others joined, and now, coming to the office is something I would even do if I didn't need to, in terms of money. I never have felt so good in my life than I do now - and not only does this feeling keep on increasing, but I now know, with absolute certainty, that I have all the knowledge I need to expand, to grow and to prosper. And if some 'situation' should pop up, I will deal with it like I've learned in the Training. The greatest bliss I attribute to the fact that I no longer feel bound to the people I love in a way that hurts me when they leave my immediate environment (which, in my life, happens fairly often): In now know that more love, more people whom I love and who love me, will keep on coming into my life. To have overcome, at least to a great extent, the fear of loss, is the greatest gift I got out of level 1 training. Thank all of you so much for making this possible - what you guys have done and are doing is truly priceless. With my best wishes,"

- Alexandra D. 

"Ever since I could remember, when I was a little boy, I always had a vision of being a millionaire! Coming from a very poor family of six, I never had anything handed to me or had a rich uncle that passed it on... All through my years as a teenager and in my early twenties I worked hard in my education in high school, college, private business school and Visual Arts. I mastered all of my education with excellent achievements, paid for it at my own and never had anyone push me through the accomplishments I've made. After graduating private Business and Visual Art School in New York City, I went out in the work field as a photographer. Working several years in the field with the largest Catalog Houses in the Nation I decided that I needed to go to work for myself.

So, I moved to South Florida with my high school sweetheart and opened my own Catalog business in the early 80's. Well I tell you being in business for yourself is everything that a person could ever dream for, you get to make all the decisions, you get to meet all these business decision makers, you get to create, travel and the best part of all, you get to make all of the money you've earned and have fun in the process. For 25 years plus I never had a boss breathing down my back, I was my own boss, the business had it's ups and downs but after the day was done I always felt I accomplished some good in the world. After the turn of the Century I was ready to do something else, I was always intrigued in Real Estate, reading books and picking up some home study manuals, tapes, audios, videos and much more... It started to become a passion. I bought several properties of my own including several investments, I really loved the reward I got from Real Estate. This was pretty much my turning point where I made a decision to make it my career for the rest of my life. This was the time when the Real Estate bubble burst and everything started to spiral backwards and my net worth was going with it, within 18 -24 months I pretty much lost all of the equities in my properties all of my Investments in the stock market and all of my clients went belly up because of this bubble. I, with practically not so much experience in Real Estate, I felt lost at this point and broke from loosing all I've worked for a quarter of a Century.

At this time the internet took over all of the catalog work and I'm in search for a new Career. In Central Florida I started working on becoming an Investor, started educating myself in new techniques in this new R.E. Market I started to learn that this is the best time to get in the R.E. Market and I am ready to tackle it with out holding back, even though everybody is scared to invest in it. The more I learn that this is the best time, the more confident I feel, and the push I've gotten from GIN which has inspired me to move closer to my Goals, I will pursue Real Estate Investing with out holding back, because once I'm filled with knowledge and possess a passion, the only thing is left is success, and passion is within me in Real Estate...
GIN and KT has given me the strong will to stand straight up after fallen real hard and brush myself off and start over, although I have nothing to fall back to... there was time where my life didn't mean anything and had just given up, but Mark H. books and being introduced to GIN gave me the meaning of 'why' my life means so much to me and being successful is what I must be on this Planet called Earth. Thank you, very much! Mark H., K.T. and all of the members in G.I.N."

- Frank S. 

"To Whom It may concern: My Level 1 Training was the best training I have ever had. I feel like a different individual living in a community that does not understand me. I have been asked why do you smile all the time, why do you walk like you own the world? I just smile and say to myself, life is so good now that I WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE A GIN MEMBER!!!!! I work odd hours 6pm to 6am. When I come home at 7am I rush to my computer to check my e-mail for Gin information. Now, I just want to grow and be the best that I can be in an organization that I feel is more that just great. On tomorrow, I have set my Goal to move up the ladder to become a Level 2 member. Thanks for your time, information and patience you have had with me. Working 12 hours a day 7 days a week left me with no energy to engage in the Gin projects. Now I am working 3 days a week to have more time for my new interest GIN, GIN, GIN!!!! Thank you,"

- Ethel W. 

"My name is Joey Montemayor, I am from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am married to my college sweetheart Maida Montemayor and she has been my wife since 2006. I was first introduced to 'The Secret' DVD by my former boss back in 2007. I used the Law of Attraction as a tool to retire from being a graphic designer which I practiced for 10 years prior. At one point, I think my former boss may regret sharing the DVD with me. However, she is so proud of me now and we have a great relationship. In 2007, I founded a corporation as a business loan brokerage and that's when I learned about Kevin Trudeau when I was introduced to his audio '25 Success Secrets' by my business partner at the time. In 2010, my business partner let me listen to parts of Your Wish is Your Command. He wouldn't tell me how he received the audios and was very secretive about it. I was so intrigued by what I heard and was determined to find out where I could get my hands on these audios. A few days later I saw the Your Wish is Your Command infomercial from my hotel room at the MGM, Las Vegas. Immediately, I ordered a copy and was on my way to become a GIN member. Since 2003 I had a health challenge. My back would go out at least once a year and I wouldn't be able to walk for days. In 2010, I was going through a lot of challenges with my business partner and several associates of mine, which I now know influenced my back to go out almost every month. I started to wonder if this was how it would be for the rest of my life. There was even a time after getting a massage when the employees of the studio had to roll me on a dolly to the parking lot while the owner drove my car up to the front of the mall. They were so helpful, I will always remember what they did for me. At home, it would get so comical because it would take me 15 minutes to crawl from my living room to the bedroom. When I finally got there I would hear Maida giggling in the dark which upset me a lot. I remember asking her what was so funny? She said that I looked like I was trying to scare her by mimicking a spooky ghost that's attached to the walls. Her laughter was so contagious that I couldn't stop belly laughing myself and I'd be stuck there for another 15 minutes trying to recover from the giggles. Every single laugh was the worse pain I ever felt. That was the first time in my life that I have ever felt anger, pain and laughter at the same time. By fall of 2010 I learned a great lesson in the book, 'Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons.' Napoleon Hills says to rid all disloyal and unfriendly people in your business which ended up being half of the team. I also took KT's advice in doing a complete detox. By October, I was totally cured! Nonetheless, every time I would have to lift a table or chair, my loyal associates (Eric Mina and Kenneth Baided) would stop me and offer to lift it for me because they cared for my well being and didn't want to take that chance. It actually made me feel powerless. Now I owe them both a medal because that's when I made a decision to do something crazy that would prove to myself that I was cured. I made a decision to fight in the 2011 World Championship Pan American Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Tournament. I trained from December for the competition which was in March. I was scheduled to fight multiple fighters from all over the world. I studied Peter Ragnar's breathing techniques so I could remain calm and not panic and run out of breath during my matches. A bunch of GIN Members came from Hawaii and California to watch my event. As I walked into the arena, it brought tears of joy in my eyes because the stadium was lively and filled with spectators and cameras. In the end I won and brought home my medal. Pan Ams is America's toughest tournament in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Until this day, I am the only student from my Academy, Gracie Barra Hawaii, who has ever won a medal at the Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship. I am so grateful to be a part of GIN. I thank KT for creating this environment for us. It is truly a privilege to be a member of this private elite group. I will be sending you my Level 2 - 4 testimony shortly. My story gets even better, business wise. Sincerely,"

- Joey M.