Special message from Dr. Tom Morter

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It may have been quite some time since we have connected as a united family, but when we do it feels like yesterday, or even today! Today we would like to share just seven things with you that you may or may not be aware of that have happened inside of GIN since our Global Freedom Fest major event in Montreal, Canada on July 21-23, 2017. There are many more than seven things that have happened, and we look forward to you learning so much more. Today we will begin with seven.

1. Legacy Leadership

Dr Tom Morter and Blaine Athorn

Your legacy leadership is stronger than ever before. In Montreal it was announced that Dr. Tom Morter and Blaine Athorn will be sharing the position of C.E.O., which stands for “Chief Education Officer.” The emphasis is on education as we honor the core principles of GIN and give you, as higher level Members, more opportunities to sprout your wings and soar to higher levels of leadership within GIN and in your personal life.

Joel Yeast and Lindsay Erazo

Our core legacy staff is stronger than ever and we have empowered each of them to provide you with more benefits and ongoing support. Lindsay Erazo, our Director of Operations; Joel Yeast, Director of Communications; Boki Glamocak, Creative Director; and Lisa Monchunski and Lisa Larson, Member Services Specialists and your front line of communication! This team has been with you and with GIN since its very beginning, and is working morning, afternoon and evening to help light a brighter pathway for all GIN Members, past, present and future. Your loyal, legacy GIN Staff Support Team is eager to serve you at higher levels than ever before!

2. GIN’s Global Relaunch:

Lee Kenny from the United Kingdom has joined your team as Global Expansion Director of GIN. His long time roots dating back even prior to the pre-launch of GIN in 2009, gives GIN the perfect perspective of past, present and future. Lee has been traveling the globe for the Global Information Network. Lee joined Dr. Tom Morter in Paris as we hosted Saturday and Sunday events to expand GIN Europe. Lee recently visited several other countries including Australia where he hosted a leadership round table and Saturday training. At each of these events past members reactivated and new members joined because of the energy, momentum and commitment to YOU.

3. More GIN Benefits

Plante Freedom, Natural Cures

  • Free lifetime access to Natural Cures and other free Member Benefits shared by Lee Kenny
  • Free access to Planet Freedom Plus, with over $3,000 of training value for all due paying Members of GIN
  • GIN’s new “Fast Start Bonus.” Refer 3 and Your Membership is FREE

4. Website Enhancements

As one of the top priorities from our Club 712 Leadership Council, GIN has made a long term commitment to ongoing website enhancements. These enhancements will continue in 2018 and beyond!


5. More Leadership Opportunities

The future of GIN is being illuminated by elevating high level GIN Members to greater degrees of leadership.


  • Our Club 712 Leadership Council
  • More Speaking and Training Opportunities for GIN Members
  • More Involvement in Local, Regional and Major Events

Club 712 Leadership Council

This has become more evident in our past two Major Events where GIN Members spoke, gave testimonials and shared training with their fellow GIN Brothers and Sisters. The best examples of how to achieve better results personally and professionally can be learned by listening to other Members who are getting better results for themselves and are willing to share more with you.

This ongoing commitment to the original vision of GIN is more evident than ever before. The original vision has been and will continue to be to groom leadership within GIN so you can be part of a movement that will positively impact more lives all over the world today and in future generations!

Would you like to see more evidence of this pledge? Reactivate your Membership today and join us at your next Major Event, Global Leadership Celebration on January 26-28th, 2018 in New Orleans! You will see proof positive why this event is called Global Leadership Celebration. High level Members will be given more leadership opportunities and everyone will have many reasons to celebrate!

Global Leadership Celebration, New Orleans, January 26-28

You have been a valuable GIN Leader and we would like to invite you to continue the journey of not only leading yourself, but to also help lead so many others that can benefit from the person that you are.  

6. Increased Education and Communication

The Member Development Series is back!

Blending the best of new and archived legacy information to help you go deeper and soar higher in your understanding and ability to be the best you that YOU can be!

Since the Sunday following our Global Freedom Fest in Montreal we have increased the frequency and quality of Member communication:

  • More Updates
  • More Teleconferences
  • More Connectivity

7. Official GIN Level VII

The highly anticipated release of GIN’s Official Level VII Success Mastery Course is now available to all Level VI Members. This Official Level VII live Training will begin for the first time ever at Global Leadership Celebration in New Orleans. This intensive training will include preparation material prior to New Orleans and follow up and follow through that will continue after your Global Leadership Celebration.

Yes, the GIN journey continues. Yes, your GIN family misses You. And yes, we would love to continue the journey with You as You reconnect with your GIN Family!

The Level VII - Success Master Course will be delivered at the next major event, Global Leadership Celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, January 26-28, 2018. Don’t miss out and register for the event.