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Weekly Update 11-6-2020

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This week in the GIN Weekly Update, Dr Tom is back with more insight and information for you from the world of GIN. First, a new Patenaude PowerUp video is available for the month of November. Join Sifu Stephane Patenaude for his latest. Plus, Catherine Rossi and friends made a recap video of their event in Paris. Watch that video right here. Dr. Tom is wearing a special tie this week; he explains why he's wearing it and where he got it. Continuing with training he gave on this week's Wellness Wednesday, Dr. Tom talks about where the inspiration came from - most notably a powerful book in his life called The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer. This thought segues nicely into his lesson of the week. While it may have been a tumultuous week in America, Dr Tom has a feeling that we can find our way to some balance in our lives and spirit. Here we go with the GIN Weekly Update!

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