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Weekly Update 5-10-2019

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This week in the GIN Weekly Update, Dr.This week in the GIN Weekly Update, Dr. Tom Morter has the latest updates for GIN. First, Dr. Tom wants to wish all the moms a very happy Mother's Day this weekend. With his special message to the moms, he also has a message for all of you to celebrate your mom this weekend. Plus, Dr. Tom gives a recap of the GIN Financial Fitness Workshop from last weekend at the Morter Farms. So much was learned about the future of finances for each individual, no matter what their background. And, the GIN Report for May is out... check out the newest information and articles (with a recap and photos of that Financial Freedom Workshop) in the latest issue. Mom, I'm home... it's time for the GIN Weekly Update!!  is back to talk about April Showers and May Flowers. It's the GIN Financial Fitness Weekend at the Morter Farm in Arkansas, Bryan Dodge, Garrett Gunderson, Blaine Athorn, Dr. Ted Morter, and weekly update host, Dr. Tom Morter have an event that is sure to get participants on a greater financial path of success. Look for more information soon. We also have other GIN events coming up like the Patenaude Performance Retreat at the end of the month and our Global Dream Celebration in Denver. Dr. Tom continues with the seeds that you plant in your life. And, GIN is all around you. What did the mushroom say to impress his date? I may not be handsome, but I'm a fungi! The GIN Weekly Update is here! 

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