Monday, October 22, 2018

I saw the guy in front of me get frustrated. I was going through customs with a plane-full of other travelers and there was a significant wait. Sometimes it's the way it goes and you have to make the best of it. Yet the guy in front of me wanted to blame someone. He wanted be mad at someone, rather than deal with the situation at hand. I watched as he was short with the people around him and tried to get as far up in the line as possible. For my part, I wanted to make sure I didn't let his negativity be contagious. It's easy to let your mind slip and allow others to affect who you are and how you react. Still, in the end, we all got through at about the same pace – some with more stress on their shoulders than others.

Who are you giving your energy and power to? This statement has many levels, but for now, think about how you react to things that happen. Are you grateful that you are where you are? Do you let the negativity of others allow you to not enjoy the amazing things in your life? Don't give your energy away. Keep being amazing and let your positivity be a great influence on others.

Joel Yeast