Monday, June 10, 2019

At 08:59:00 the Producer clicked on the internal microphone that lead to the News Anchor's ear: "One minute to airtime, Ms. Simpson." The seasoned broadcaster took one last look at her notes and reordered the last two stories and took one last drink of water. She looked up at the current temperature and placed the sheet with the forecast on her weather board. 08:59:30: "Thirty seconds to air…" The Producer turned up the volume of the in-studio monitors as the last commercial was finishing. He double-checked the time and readied the 9AM NEWS SOUNDER that began the top-of-the-hour broadcast. Andrea Simpson the broadcaster took a calm, deep breath in and let it out slowly. Then she pulled the microphone to her mouth. 08:59:50: The commercial ended, and the Producer fired the button to play 10-second opening, placed his left hand on the part of the control board labeled STUDIO A MICROPHONE and pressed it on. "Mic's live," he announced as he held his hand straight up in the air. "And we are live in 5… 4… 3… 2…" with that, his "1" was silent and he made a decisive point with his index finger right at veteran broadcaster Andrea Simpson to indicate that she was indeed, live and on the air. "Good morning, it's 9AM, 65° I'm Andrea Simpson and these are your top stories."

In broadcasting, you have to be deliberate and on time. You have to have your facts right and everything positioned just right. If you're prepared, then everything else comes easy.

As you prepare for your day (or week or year or to launch into your dreams), you surround yourself with the right tools, support and information. You have everything within reach and set yourself up for success. You take one last deep breath and then, with a decisive step forward, you begin. If you're prepared, then everything else comes easy.

Joel Yeast