Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Bear and a Rabbit were walking through the woods one day when the Bear stopped and said to the Rabbit, "I see you here every day, hopping down this trail with a determined look in your eyes. What do you have going on that is so important?" The Rabbit stopped and looked at his watch, "Well, Mr. Bear, I have things to do – I have plans for this little Rabbit life and I intend to accomplish it all. You see that group of trees over there right by the water's edge? Well, that's where I'm building my home. And, it's only a few hops from the edge of the farmer's garden, where he won't notice any carrots or lettuce are missing, and, up there is where I'll build a home for my children with the branches from that fallen tree. Yes, Mr. Bear, I have plans and I intend to get them done. I can see it all in my head right now."

There you are with your action plan for success: you've written down your goals, made a to-do list, made your intentions known to the universe. Have you seen it in your mind? Have you pictured the best-possible scenario? Make it your ultimate daydream. Aristotle said, "The soul never thinks without a picture." You spend so much of your life reacting to things that happen, why not create a quick movie in your head of what you want so you can spend your life appreciating the good things that are happening to you. It may not be as easy as a dream to get there, but if you have a goal, you know the direction you should be facing. Give your dreams a destination and let them go wild.

Joel Yeast