Monday, January 21, 2019

Success is the goal. You want something and work hard to achieve it and when you accomplish it, you are rewarded with successful completion: victory, profit, abundance. Success is the result that we want out of virtually everything. And yet, success teaches us nothing. If you were instantly successful at something, you will learn nothing. Unfortunately, success isn't a good teacher. Think about it, if you wanted to be good at something like archery, picked up a bow and arrow, pulled back the bow string and instantly hit the bull's-eye of the target... and then grabbed another arrow, pulled back the bow string again - with no actual technique or aiming - and had another direct hit of the bull's-eye, who would ever say that you knew anything about archery? Yes, you were successful in launching an arrow and hitting the bull's-eye, but success did not allow you to learn anything about archery. If you want success and you want to feel the feelings of complete success, you will have to fail at many things in your life. The best thing you can do is fail forward, learning from your mistakes and becoming humble. Discover what worked and what didn't work. While it may be hard to fail, those failures are where you learn.

Joel Yeast