Monday, January 7, 2018

On a recent flight, the pilot got on the intercom and talked about the turbulence we were expected to get. "Folks, it may be a bumpy ride for a bit, but we are planning a flight pattern that is somewhat around and above most of it. For now, just keep those seat belts fastened and we will get underway shortly." The first 20 minutes of the flight were smooth and before long the Flight Attendants started to get ready to for the regular drink service. As promised, the plane did hit a few bumps and I looked up in time to see one of the Flight Attendants keep her balance in what would throw a normal person across the cabin. Instead, she gathered herself and continued doing her work. I was very impressed and realized that a Flight Attendant was basically required to randomly get thrown off of her (or his) feet at any point without warning. Part of their job is to expect the unexpected. What would happen if the Flight Attendant gave up after each time the plane hit turbulence?

Turbulence is part of your life as well. So many times you have to keep going after a situation: family trouble, weather, car problems, health issues, financial pressure, random anxiety, a friend in need… anything from the common cold to your kitchen remodel costing more than you anticipated. But, like the Flight Attendant, you have to just have to ride it out for a few moments and then continue on with your work. Minor setbacks shouldn't keep you from your goals and dreams. If you ride it out through to your connection or destination, then you'll still be on track to achieve your goal.

Joel Yeast