Monday, January 14, 2018

Who even likes doing dishes or cleaning? Exercising is boring. Nobody actually enjoys doing laundry, much less folding it. Repair jobs are annoying, household maintenance is irritating and so is doing the things we have to do that aren't really living. Even brushing your teeth and taking a shower are mundane tasks. But we all have to do virtually all them and more – sometimes on a daily or twice a day basis. These are the things we do between living the life of our dreams. Yet, if you subscribe to the idea that you what, should and can live the life of your dreams, in reality, these things are going to be a part of it. For the rest of your life, there are going to be chores, errands, tasks and duties that aren't as glamorous as the vacations, cars and parties that are on the other end of your dreams. I hate to tell you this, but you'll still have to brush your teeth every day of your life (hopefully twice a day!).

So how do you avoid theses unexciting tasks? Make them work for you! Imagine yourself accomplishing work as you are living your dream. If you rethink what you're doing and why, the whole idea of doing tedious jobs can be more than rewarding. Your daily shower can be the idea factory – this is the time to refine your dream. You have 10 – 30 minutes of free time where there are no phones, people or distractions, use it wisely. Brushing your teeth can be a minor form of meditation in your day (hopefully you take the time to think, pray or meditate, but if you didn't have time, this is your moment twice per day). Laundry can be a simple task if you don't let it get overwhelming – and you can use that time to purge some of the clutter in your life ("why do I still own this shirt; I don't even like it?!" …or, "Do I really need a laundry basket full of socks that don't match?!"). Cleaning and household maintenance are means for taking a little pride in what you already have. If you're dreaming of a nicer home, then learn to keep the one you have in top shape – you may just realize that you're living in your dream home, but need to dust a little. And, from mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, shoveling snow, repairing small items and all the other things that come up, you already know that there is something about a little sweat and accomplishment that can be the key to life (plus, there is another form of exercise). And speaking of exercise… Exercise is the ultimate dream-chaser. You can virtually meditate, dream-build, get away, calm down, refuel, de-stress, socialize, listen to your favorite music and extend your life all in the time it takes to complain about not wanting to go to the gym (also, you don't need a gym to exercise!). When look at the tasks that you must do and turn them into a preference and form of gratification, then you may realize that you're closer to your dream that you ever realized.

Joel Yeast