Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Your thoughts are so important to your success. Thoughts are things. Who are you to yourself? Everything you think and say and do vibrates through you. If you believe in something (for better ow worse), you set it in motion. That's the first step to success or failure and follows every step of the way. Living your life with the "feel good now" outlook and the "as if" principle sends positive vibrations through the universe. At times, we all can be guilty of letting negativity in. The best thing you can do is become conscious of your thoughts. Make self-awareness a part of your everyday life. If you really pay attention to what is going on in your conscious mind, you can turn a negative thought into a positive one. Remember, the conscious mind controls the subconscious mind. When a negative thought comes to you, ask yourself if it is a beneficial one to you. I'm not saying that you should live in denial; make certain you take care of all that you need to take care of (success doesn't happen by magic) but limit the negativity and turn it around.

Affirmations and positivity are a great way to win against those thoughts. Also, doing something that you love, surrounding yourself with beauty and nature and laughing. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want you to succeed. Meditate, pray and be thankful. Go on vacation. Do all of the activities that you allow to get overshadowed by life. When it comes to your life and positive thinking, eat the dessert first.

Joel Yeast