Every day, the Tribe woke and looked to the mountain. The jungle around them was thick and beautiful as they fixed their gaze on what they called their god "enohp." The mesmerizing light from the volcano flickered and hummed as they made their way to the place of worship. Everything the Tribe did was based on what enohp told them to do. Once enohp took over their lives, they weren't much of a Tribe. Individually they looked to the light for answers and to fulfill their life. What would enohp tell them to do today? How would they be satisfied? Would today be the day that the volcano erupted to send them into oblivion? Would they continue as a Tribe if the god enohp became angry with their ways? When you study this tribe years after the volcano erupted, you would think that they would have seen the signs of impending doom. Their faith in a false god brought them away from each other and into extinction.

Every day, people look to their own mountain god. As they ignore the world around them, they fixate on the mesmerizing light of their phone. Everything they do is based on what the phone god tells them: fear of missing out, games, social media, photos and other apps take them out of the now and into another world. Individually they look to the phone god to find answers, when the beauty and peace of the world surrounds them. Turn your faith away from a false god. Take a moment to enjoy your family, beautiful scenery (city, forest, country) and the social aspects of the world around you. Live for what's in front of you and the phone god can wait until you are in control.

Joel Yeast