Friday, March 15, 2019

It happened in the day. It wasn't by darkness or even with a disguise. The thief looked at you directly and did what thieves do. This thief stole your time. There are people who always want something from you. The people who pull you away. The distractions that take you off course. The thieves. In life, work, family and play there are always distractions and disruptions. There are dream stealers and negativity. Even well-intended people who take you away from your goals. As a matter of fact, sometimes you're the one disrupting yourself. Yes, you can be your own thief. What do you do about it?

Start with nothing. Reset your mind and take on your life one day at a time, one accomplishment at a time, one moment at a time. Start with calm. "To the mind that is still," philosopher Lao Tzo said, "the whole universe surrenders." When you clear your mind of the clutter and commotion, your life becomes truly yours.

Joel Yeast