Monday, October 8, 2018

Thank you for your application to be a part of ABC & Associates. After reviewing your submitted materials, we feel that we are better than you. We received applications from many people regarding this opening and, honestly didn't take any real time to look into finding someone like yourself or any of the other applicants. Honestly, we didn't take it seriously. We won't be offering you a post within our organization or even an interview to try to impress us. Instead, please quietly go away so we can pretend that this never happened. We wish you all the best (but not really).

There it is: the rejection letter. You've undoubtedly received it (or waited to receive it) several times in your life. From Jobs to Universities, Clubs to Associations. These were all places you thought you wanted to be a part of. You actually thought you were sad about it. Or worse, you actually spent time there either working or studying and pulling yourself further from your dream. You hear about it all of the time: the dead-end job, the one-sided relationship, the snub, the snobs, the organization that allows you to hold yourself back. So often in life, there are distractions: social, financial, obligatory, etc that keep you from pursuing what you actually should be doing: following your dream.

So the next time you see a rejection letter, frame it. Because you just graduated.

Joel Yeast