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The Poison


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Jim Flynn climbed the castle turret to the small window high above the pit of crocodiles. He entered the castle, drew his sword and searched for the room to rescue the Princess. One by one, guard after guard our hero fought off the bad guys and yelled, "I'm coming, my Love!" As he approached the room to unlock it, the Evil Crimson Pirate arrived with 5 of his Imperial Knights. "Not so fast, Mr Flynn. You may be able to fight me and win, but you'll never get through my Imperial Knights." From his coat he pulled out a vial of liquid, "In this container is a deadly poison. Drink it now before me and I shall set the Princess free." Jim looked at the vial and readied his sword, "No, sir, I believe I'll do things the hard way!"

Whether you're an adventurous hero or just living your everyday adventure, when faced with a choice, why would you ever take the poison? Yet, the choice is there all the time (and we all do it to some degree). What is the poison in your life? Drugs, cigarettes, excessive alcohol, destructive relationships, money mismanagement, self-sabotage? Do you make the choices that you know are bad for your future? The poison is different for all of us. It's easy to make one or two bad choices and it's even easier to let them pile up. But when you take stock of what you want and how to get there, how many of these "poisons" are in your way? Instead, consider drawing your sword and doing things the hard way – in the end, you'll realize it was easier than you ever thought.

Joel Yeast 

Balance, Momentum, Failure, Success
Applied Pressure


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