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The Mask Of A Hero


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Our hero had a real problem on her hands: Meganoid was committing heinous crimes throughout the city on an hourly basis; he needed to be stopped. But our hero tore one of her Galactic SuperSuits in the last fight and the other two were at the dry cleaner. She needed to hide her real identity in order to do her job as a justice-keeping superhero. Our hero paced her HeroPerch high above the city wondering how she was going to literally face her nemesis. "Why do you need to cover your identity?" asked her wise daughter, "the entire city knows you are a hero for the people. They truly love you out there! Besides, did you think that wearing glasses really hid your true identity?"

We all put on faces for other people. The person you are in front of your family may not be the person you are at work or school. There are times when you're assertive and other times when you may take a less persevering role. There are areas in your life when you are truly confident and other times when self-doubt and personal criticism take control. The truth is: you are the star of your own story. You don't need to put on masks or fake identities in order to be the hero. You just need to find your most confident strengths, build upon them and be that person every day. "They truly love you out there!"

Joel Yeast 



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