The Cinderella story basketball team won their conference championship. They weren't supposed to get this far. They weren't supposed to win. Sweat, determination, teamwork, a little bit of luck and tenacity got them to this point. The highs of each win and the lows of each loss were handled with grace and confidence.With that win, they were lifted into the national tournament where they faced bigger schools with more money, bigger players and better facilities. They were the lowest seeded school and were not expected to go far. Together they battled the first team they faced, a big school from a big conference, and barely survived, winning by 2 points. In the second round, they were up against an even better team that was fast and athletic, but still came away with a victory. Round after round they fought hard and overachieved. In the end, they came up just short of the championship, but much farther than anyone ever thought possible. Even though they didn't win it all, the Cinderella team was victorious.

The next season, they had their first home game and raised the banners of last years success: The Conference Championship banner for 2018 as well as another banner for making it to the final 4 in the national championship. High in the rafters forever, these banners will hang with pride as the validation of a successful season. For years to come, people will talk about that one team. And what about this year? What's next? Is this the beginning of nostalgia or has the bar of expectation been raised? Will they talk about the one time that they were great or will this be the start of something new?

We all have great moments. At any given minute in your world, you are a rock star, a hero, an all-pro. Even if it's just a moment or you think it was an accident or luck, you can shine bright. What's next? Are you going to talk about that one moment in time or have you raised your personal bar? Once the Cinderella story, you are now set up for multitudes of success. You'll have to put in that same amount of Sweat, determination and tenacity (and take the luck where you can get it), but now you know what victory tastes like. Draw up your play and get on the court.

Joel Yeast