Friday, January 4, 2019

Here we are at the first weekend of a new year. If you've started a "New Year's Resolution," or want to create new positive habits in your life at any time of the year, the first weekend can be the most difficult. On day 1, you were particularly motivated. Day 2 and day 3 you continued the momentum. By day 4, it was difficult, but you got through. And now, here we are at the weekend. Your routine is different on the weekend. It's easier to relax and let the old habits sneak in and take back over.

Habits build upon themselves. You are virtually rewiring your brain to learn a different way of doing things. You are telling yourself to stop relying on instinct and go against your inner thoughts. But here's the good news: you've done it before. You've broken bad habits and fought your way through to the good ones. If you disagree, then how did you learn to walk, read, write, ride a bicycle, drive or any of the thousands of positive habits you've formed? If you need help, try employing a Morter March – they have literally created a system to rewire your brain – to add physical, verbal, spiritual and mental movements to aid your success. Remember, "Success builds confidence, confidence creates activity, activity creates habits, habits create results, results create success."

Joel Yeast