Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The building stood tall in the cityscape. Beautifully designed and built with elements of glass and steel, the final elements were being added and this address would soon be a home for many different types of companies and careers. This was a rigid structure, strong and durable, yet with its design and objective, had a smooth and supple beauty. Those steel beams that hold it up are strong and powerful, yet flexible and long-lasting. Strong enough not to crack. In fact, in order for steel to even be manufactured, it must first be softened and formed. The iron must go through a process where carbon is removed. And the glass covering the outside of the building was once sand, melted at a high temperature in order to become liquid. When those processes are finished, the steel and glass are constructed into this majestic building in the city skyline.

There are parts of your life that are hardened. Maybe there was an incident that made you angry or sad. Or someone hurt you in some way. You hardened that part of your life so that you couldn't be hurt again. And maybe now you feel cold or incomplete and you feel that piece inside of you. If you want to become your true, authentic self, you must be like steel and glass. Take that pain and soften it. Release it from your core like iron and add your love, patience, will and fortitude to it so that you can become strong like steel and glass. If you can remove the pain from the incident, you can be flexible, resilient and beautiful and you will stand tall in your skyline.

Joel Yeast