Friday, April 26, 2019

My friend Bob is a very skilled contractor. All year long his phone rings off the hook with customers wanting him to build a custom deck or premium fence. With passion and integrity, he works on one project at a time to completion. One customer asked him when he can start. "Well, I have a few other clients who booked before you that will consume the rest of my month. I can start after that and will work on only one job at a time." The guy looked at him and said, "The guy at ABC Construction said that he can start Monday." "That may be true, but starting and finishing are two different things." What he didn't tell his future client was that many contractors "spike the job." It's a process where they tell several customers that they will start on Monday. Then, when Monday comes, they drop off all the lumber and take some measurements and then do the same for the 20 – 30 other new customers they have. Then, they don't actually begin (or finish) the work for months. It's a great way to get clients, but not always the best way to do business.

Do you spike the job? Are you doing that to your own future? Do you fool yourself into believing that one day of hard work or one win or one workout or one accomplishment will suffice? Certainly it can get you one step closer to one goal and then one step closer to another and then another, but where is your focus? When you focus on one job at a time to completion, you can leave it behind or take the next step forward. Finish what you can – when you can – and move on. You reward yourself with true success and accomplishment. Starting and finishing are two different things. 

Joel Yeast