Something New - Sip of GIN: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Elizabeth was excited. Her wedding day was still 2 weeks away, yet she was living in the moment. When she and Patrick first got engaged, she couldn’t think of anything else but that instance of “I do.” All she wanted was to fast-forward to that moment. She thought about the people and the flowers and the sun shining just right and all that goes into the day. She imagined the moment of walking down the aisle. That was it. That was the “feel good now” moment. That exact time that you are cherishing the “right now.” That time where you are literally on your way to getting what you want. You’re not there, but all eyes are on you and the time is exactly right. Then she had the realization that each moment of planning the wedding can be just the same: making the dress, choosing the décor, realizing the plan – these are all the “feel good now” moments. And, when it’s happening, enjoying every minute, cherishing the memories and making new plans for an amazing life with Patrick. 

What does it mean to be patient? When you’ve defined your chief aim and you’re working toward a goal, patience is one of the most difficult lessons of all. Until you realize that this is the moment. Instant gratification is false, because the time passes too quickly. “A jug fills drop by drop.” Cherish the moments that lead to the moments and then cherish the next. 

Joel Yeast