Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dear GIN Family,

How is your day? Did you start it off right? Do you have a routine? My brother and I often talk about “the day.” The day refers to one day that he and I spent together. As young men in the summertime, we worked hard, had fun and enjoyed ourselves as often as we could. One day in July, we had an absolutely perfect day: We woke up early, mowed our lawn and mowed the lawn at our grandparents’ house. We volunteered at the church and played baseball with our friends. We met our uncle down at the Marina to go water skiing on the Mississippi River… all before noon. We spent time talking and laughing with friends and family. Later, we worked at our mom’s restaurant and then went to a late movie. In one day we worked, played, laughed, shared stories, volunteered, learned new things and we were thankful for what we had. On the way home, we reflected on our time, “This is how every day should go.” While nothing epic happened, we were proud to have accomplished so much in one day.

It’s good to have balance in your day. Work, play, exercise, pray, rest, laugh, love, study, be thankful. Our very own Ed Foreman has a recommendation and he says it better than most, “Get up early, read or listen, walk and exercise, think and pray.” Thanks, Ed! So, how will you start your day? Do you have a plan? Take some advice from someone who knows how to have a great day every day.


Joel Yeast