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Sip of Gin for Monday, July 4

Dear GIN Family,

Sometimes we forget! Well, it is not that we actually forget anything; things simply fall off our radar screens due to other things replacing them.  We only keep into play a certain amount of things on our conscious mind at any one given period of time.  Sometimes what falls off our radar screens is the value of things in our lives, like all the dynamic benefits of our club.  When things are not present in our conscious minds, we do not focus on them, and therefore the “Benefit Factors” we exact from those things are very limited.  One key to massive success is to learn how to extract full saturation from the items or things that bring value into our lives.  Let each item in your life look like a big plump grape, and when you are done extracting all the value from it, that grape then looks like a dried up raisin!

On our Tuesday night Membership Overview Call I do with Blaine Athorn, I share five powerful benefits of our club that brings about “Transformational Change” in our lives.  Our club does not create “Temporary Modification Behavior” (that is what the self-help industry does for the masses). It creates long term “Transformation.”  When we transform from a child to an adult, we never go back and look like a child again.  Think about how the benefits of our club can create a “Financial Transformation” for you.  The truth of the matter is, GIN does not cost, it pays.  When people evaluate our club based on the monthly dues and decide not to join, or members leave because of the dues, they may save a few dollars, but they will lose tens of thousands of dollars and even financial fortunes from lost business and opportunities within our club.

What are those five benefits of our club?  Well, the first one is “Proper Relationships.”  In GIN, we have the authentic, real format of the Mastermind Group that Andrew Carnegie had, and which he shared with Napoleon Hill on the first principle of success.  What the masses call a mastermind group is nothing more than broke folks talking to broke folks trying to sell each other the same product.  In GIN, relationships come first, friendships come next and then, from a natural progression, we do business with each other in a supportive way.  What does that mean?  It means we should be open and willing to purchase products that fit us from GIN members, and those same GIN members should be purchasing products from us that fits their needs.

Proper Relationships are what the wealthy have always known as the backbone to massive wealth!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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Sunday, 16 May 2021
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