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Sip of Gin for June 28th

Dear GIN Family,

I have an affirmation on my desk that I read daily that really helps me keep my vibration high, even when things around me seem to be in a state of chaos.  That affirmation is “I feel good about everything and everyone every day.”  Wow, talk about getting your juices flowing in the right direction and feeling “Fantastic!” This affirmation can do that for you!  It is like taking a real Energy Drink.  We live in a physical world, and because life is a matrix of change, our perception, at times, will seem that what we desire to be flying south while we are flying north.  If that perception shows up when we are not aware, it will cause our vibration to drop down to a very low frequency, with depression, despair, anger and a host of other negative vibrations.  However, all you have to do is repeat, out loud, “I feel good about everything and everyone every day.”  This will put you in a positive vibration where you can download answers, solutions, ideas and cause things to shift back in your favor.

Hey, why not make a giant poster of this affirmation, and have several around the home and office?  I practice and use this affirmation daily and it keeps me in “Tip Top Shape,” feeling good all the time.  I recently had someone say something negative about me that was not true at all, and it did not feel good.  In fact, when I learned about it, my blood started to boil and my mind wanted to produce negative thoughts.  But then I went to my desk and said my affirmation, and I was instantly back into the vibration of love and power, and I felt “Terrific.”

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Thursday, 21 October 2021
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