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SIP of GIN -- December 29, 2016

Thursday December 28, 2016

Dear GIN Family,

Sleep is one of the most powerful healing and health agents known to mankind.  Proper sleep is the way our bodies heals itself and keeps us healthy yet millions of people suffer from sleep disorders of many sorts.  Although there are many reasons and cases for insomnia, I have found two wonderful ways to not only sleep better, but sleep healthier.

1.       Use the right pillow.  I love “My Pillow” brand, you seen them on TV commercials.  I have gone through lots of pillows (expensive ones) and this is the best one I found.

2.       Cover that pillow with the most beautiful Satin pillow cases created by Earlene Vining.  Not only do they come in beautiful colors, but sleeping on the Satin pillow cases is the top beauty secret of the rich and famous.  You will sleep better and look your best.

I use an app on my cell phone that tracks my sleep, alerts me when I need to go to bed and when to wake up to get the proper rest my body needs.  I can go right from my computer to bed and be asleep in five minutes or less.

I highly encourage you to contact Earlene Vining and get your Silk Pillow Cases today!  I have the Red and Gold ones, and we love them.  Tomorrow is the last and final Sip of GIN email, I look forward to sharing some heart issues with you.  Once again, as we have said for 18 months, “I’m Don Boyer and I’m Melinda Boyer…and we are GIN Members!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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SIP of GIN -- December 28, 2016

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Jesse Passmore on Saturday, 31 December 2016 13:05

I'm going to do just that; satin/ silk pillow cases and my pillow pillows! Thank you!

I'm going to do just that; satin/ silk pillow cases and my pillow pillows! Thank you!
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