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SIP of GIN -- December 28, 2016

Wed. December 28, 2017

Dear GIN Family,

Many times, it’s the small things that makes the biggest impact.  For instance, the “Power of a Pin”.  I shared with you yesterday about the happy face “life is terrific” lapel pin that Ed Foreman gave me.  For many it may seem but a little thing, but for me it’s a “life, health, prosperity and success” exercise that impacts and improves every part of my body from a molecular and cellular point.  In the morning when I put on my robe, the first thing I see is that pin and my thoughts immediately start moving in the right direction, that life is Terrific and my positive energy goes up.  When I am brushing my teeth every morning and every night, I see that pin in the mirror and once again it reminds me, life is terrific.

Throughout the day, it keeps my thoughts on “life is terrific”.  When you have constant thoughts and a mindset that “life is terrific” how can life be anything else but Terrific”? As we come to the final days of the Sip of GIN I want to leave you with the best suggestions I can for you to make not only 2017 but the rest of your life the best it can be.

As a graduate of the Successful Life Course that Ed and Earlene conducted for so many years, I go back time and time again to use and implement many of those principles I learned in that course.  Like many of you who attended that great course, the most important thing is to use, renew and implement that information daily.  Therefore, I think one of the best things you could do for your future success is to purchase the Home Study Course of the Successful Life Course that Ed has put on a flash drive.  It will be one of the best educational systems in your personal library.  I encourage you to contact Ed Foreman or Earlene Vining to get this Home Study Course.  And when you purchase it, ask Ed if he can throw in one of those wonderful “Life is Terrific” lapel pins.  I will do wonders for feeling good and experiencing success.  Remember, we are saying good night but never good bye on Friday December 30, 2016.

Tomorrow, I will share how to use the “Power of Sleep” to enhance your Success in 2017!

Love all our GIN brothers and sisters,

Don Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Jesse Passmore on Saturday, 31 December 2016 13:15

Buying the successful life course on my to do list! Thank you

Buying the successful life course on my to do list! Thank you
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