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Recognition and Thanks


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Who do you appreciate in your life? Who appreciates you? Recognition is a vital part of our training in this club, because of the collective vibration shared between the sender and receiver. Not only is it "best practice" for your everyday life, you also personally get so much out of the act of giving and receiving of recognition. When you are in the act of giving and receiving recognition, the energy shared is unlike any other. One of the best ways to give recognition is to give thanks. No matter what you believe, give thanks for who you are and where you are. Life is not a race to see who has the most stuff or who comes in first, life is about feeling good now. Life is about laughter and love and relationships. Live is friends and moments and making the most of the moments. The more you enjoy your life – from a gorgeous sunrise wherever you are to the spectacular sunset on the beaches of the world. Give thanks for who you are. Give thanks for being here on this planet. Give thanks for the people and the love in your life. Give thanks for what you have. The more you recognize the blessings in your life and world and universe, the more your universe and world and life will bless you.

Joel Yeast 

Wild Dreams
And We Never Even Know We Have The Key


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