Friday, January 11, 2018

Have you ever wondered why two people can have the same experience, yet have different feelings about it?

Scene 1: "How was the restaurant?" "Let me tell you, it was fantastic, I didn't call for a reservation and the place was so busy, but lively and we found two seats up at the bar. From there we could see and hear the live jazz band playing as we got to have good conversation with the bartender… It turns out that he and I went to the same school. And he recommended this amazing wine. He bought our first glass, so we ordered the whole bottle. After a while, he got really busy, so we listened to the music and watched the happenings of the whole restaurant from our vantage point – we could see everything: couples having a great time, the live band, the inner-workings of the bar and even the kitchen. And the food! The food was outstanding. They were out of their seafood special for that night (it must have been an amazing and fresh dish to run out of it so early, so we will mark that for the next time we come). Instead, we each had prime rib and it was delicious. We laughed and ate all night long and made sure that we tipped our server generously. We could see how busy he was, but he still had time to serve us well."
Scene 2: "How was the restaurant?" "Oh don't even ask; it was awful. They were so busy and packed with people. We couldn't get a table without a reservation – lame! Instead, we had to sit up at the bar like lower-class citizens. At first, the bartender couldn't stop talking to us and he finally recommended a wine (as if he knows what I like – I took wine classes, you know) and he's lucky that it was good, because I would have made him pay for the whole bottle, and not just the one glass he bought us. Then they had a band playing, which was a little loud. Then, the bartender spent all of his time working on drinks for other customers. We tried to order their seafood special, but they were out of it. I mean, what kind of a restaurant runs out of food?! Instead, we had prime rib and nobody can ever get that right. Anyway, the place was busy and the food was lousy... We didn't bother tipping much and I doubt we will come back.

Situations will happen in your life and it's up to you how you react to everything every day. They aren't all going to be wedding days, family vacations or amusement parks. You get to make the best of what you get – or not. You choose how you react to the small things. You get to be the one who makes you feel good or feel bad. Make the most of a beautiful or rainy day. It doesn't matter if you're at a party or a hospital, the best conversations and moments can happen anywhere. You can't control everything that happens on a given day, though you can control how it affects you. And you can control what you see as positive and what you see as negative. You control your feelings.


Joel Yeast