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Packing Your Bags


Monday, October 15, 2018

Nate was packing for a trip. He always traveled with 2 suits and a few casual outfits. He added some workout clothes as well as the typical sleepwear. Nate then opened up his computer bag and mad sure his computer charger, flash drives and contract information were ready to go. Next, he went to the garage and grabbed a flat-head screwdriver and a bicycle pump to add to the mix. He opened up the side of his suitcase and packed 5 spoons, a picture frame and the TV remote. He had a bit of room left in his second suitcase, so he packed a baseball glove, roller skates, a box of cereal and a fake plant. As he struggled to close his suitcase, he hoped he hadn't forgotten anything important. He put the fishbowl under his arm, remembered to grab his bowling ball in the closet and got in the cab.

The story of Nate is ridiculous. Clearly he doesn't need most of the items in his bags and they are literally weighing him down. Everyone has "baggage." This baggage can be current or past events, negative thoughts and regrets that linger in your head. They are useless. You don't need to pack those thoughts up and bring them with you wherever you go. It's really best to just discard them and leave them where they belong: in the past. Part of setting yourself up for success today is to leave yesterday where it is.

Joel Yeast 

Do Your Best


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