Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The decisions you make are full of uncertainty. You have tried and failed hundreds of times in your life. And with each failure, you've learned, grown and eventually succeeded. Often, if you don't fail enough times, you aren't getting the most out of the learned portion of success. As they say, you have to get it wrong before you get it right. If you know, accept and recognize that you are going to fail, you have the pleasure of realizing the feeling as a positive; awareness is bliss. Failure should make you better and helps you discover what you want.

There is one type of failure that can pull you away from your dreams, if you aren't paying attention (or in some cases, paying too much attention to minor results). This is a cognitive behavior called Outcome Bias. Outcome Bias is when you judge a decision you've made by the result. For example, if you make plans for a tropical vacation and it rains for two straight weeks, you can't blame the result on the idea. You shouldn't cancel any future vacationing plan based on one negative result. Outcome Bias (and its cousin Hindsight Bias) can affect your decisions and the types of risks you take. It can be detrimental when, if you aren't learning from failure, you're dismissing it as a result. Don't give up. When you are aware of what you want and have a burning desire to achieve it, then the only result you'll accept is success.

Joel Yeast