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One Leaf At A Time


 Monday, November 5, 2018

Timothy looked at his back yard and saw the blanket of fallen leaves. His father told him that if he raked and bagged up every leaf in the back yard every Saturday, he would give him $20 for each day worked. By the end of the season, Timothy would have enough to buy the bicycle he had wanted. About the first day of fall, he started at one corner of the back yard and raked all the leaves into a big pile. Then he grabbed 2 industrial leaf bags ,collected the leaves into each one and took them to the curb for pickup. Week after week, his goal was in front of him: simply rake up the leaves. Some days he would finish the job in just under 2 hours. Other days, the wind would blow leaves around and from other yards and the task would take much longer. On rainy days, sunny days, windy days and even his birthday, Timothy raked the leaves to fulfill his goal. There were days when he didn't want to do it. Days when he wanted to give up. Days that were cold. Days when his friends were playing without him. But Timothy's desire for his goal outweighed his desire to sleep in on a Saturday.

Some goals don't just last one season. Some goals don't even have such a tangible path for success. In your goal, you have a desire and a plan and you work hard every day to get there. There are obstacles and frustrations and you can easily lose track. People and events will pull you away from your dream. Smaller dreams will present themselves in front of you and you will have to make a decision to ignore them or not. But if you place your desire to succeed over your desire to sleep in, you'll get there much faster than you think.

Joel Yeast

Cognizant Confidence
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