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On The Right Track


Friday, October 5, 2018

The commuter train chugged along steadily, swaying along the tracks to downtown. The rhythm and white noise lulled some to sleep and let others work on last-minute projects or homework, while others had small conversation or just sat in silence. This morning was no different until the problematic track-switching a few stops before Union Station. The 30-minute delay was enough to disrupt the majority of the passengers. Many were late for work or appointments. Others missed their connections. But Michael, who both missed a connection and was late for his 10AM meeting, had a different experience: while the train was sitting at the station, he looked out the window. This was a part of the city he had never seen before: a quaint little train station among a neighborhood of homes, small businesses and parks. There was a young woman was sitting on a park bench, reading a book and a coffee shop that had a "for lease" sign in the window. Michael watched for a few minutes and hadn't even noticed the time. Just as the conductors were making their way back to their posts, the train started to warm up again. Michael grabbed his briefcase and got off the train. That was 22 years ago. That was the point when he met his future wife, sitting on a park bench reading a book. That was the day when he first inquired about the coffee shop he had owned for over 2 decades. That moment in time where his everyday life was halted, his new life began.

Opportunities are everywhere. A bump in the road, a minor distraction or a stopped train are sometimes just enough to listen to the universe and find an opening to start living for yourself. It can be a transformation, a small lifestyle change or a complete overhaul of everything you know, as long as you are facing your true north.


Joel Yeast 

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