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Look Where You Want To Go


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A few years ago, I took a Motorcycle Safety course taught by my friend Robert. During the 3-day training, we were taught the basics and then we were given practical exercises to master those basics. As the practical exercises became more challenging, our skills got better. For one challenge, we had to make a tight turn, straighten up the bike and then ride to the end. I followed my training, started out well and executing the challenge perfectly. But when I straightened out, I kept riding directly into a rut in the road. Right in the middle of the practice course was a rut – a "pothole" big enough to rattle the bike and cause discomfort. Throughout the rest of the training, I became fixated on that one bump in the road and did everything I could to avoid it. I would come out of a turn, make myself aware of it, fix my eyes directly on it (to avoid it) and promptly hit it every time. It was as if I was attracting myself to it every time.

I took my helmet off and walked over to Robert, "What am I doing wrong? I keep hitting that rut right in the middle of the course. I look directly at it to avoid hitting it and run over it anyway." Robert put his hand on my shoulder, smiled and said, "Look where you want to go. Don't focus on the thing you don't want to hit, look somewhere else and you'll avoid it." Wow, that seems almost too simple. So I got back on my bike, hit the throttle, rounded the corner and looked to the right of the rut… and I went to the right of it... just like my training taught me. And I did it again and again and it worked every time.

It's easy to focus on what you don't want. Sometimes it's right in the middle of your path. But when you look past it and look where you want to go… you focus on your goals and your ideal future… you will avoid what's in front of you. Be aware of the obstacles, but look where you want to go.

Joel Yeast 

The Impossible
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