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Let Your Light Shine


Thursday, March 14, 2019

I have a light in my kitchen that I hate. Or, better yet, I absolutely love the lighting in my kitchen: recessed lighting all around is perfect task lighting for cooking and prep – I even installed a dimmer switch or the right look at the right time, then, a rope light in the tray ceiling adds pure ambience and serves as a nightlight for guests who like midnight snacking, The under-cabinet puck lights highlight the granite countertops and 3 pendulum lights over the bar top - also with a dimmer switch. One might say that the lighting in my kitchen outperforms my actual cooking. Yes, I absolutely love the lighting in my kitchen. And then, for some reason, there is one monstrous overhead light. When it's turned on, it casts the ugliest, shadow-inducing light that eclipses the beauty of the entire room. You wouldn't really even notice it if the other lights are on and this one is off, yet inevitability, whenever I have guests walk into my kitchen, that's the one light switch they find. It's irrationally frustrating. I have a light in my kitchen that I hate, and I found the solution: I removed the lightbulb.

Every one of us has flaws, imperfections and weakness. The most brilliant and beautiful people in the world have made mistakes. And they overcome them. There are times when your mistakes are highlighted, and it seems that's all the world sees – or it's all you seem to notice. In fact, you've overcome so many things in your life that you probably forget. And, when you emphasize your strengths and the positivity in you, it outweighs the negativity. If you highlight the good in you, the other parts won't matter. Light up your strengths. Eventually, you remove the virtual lightbulb and even the entire fixture. And you're left with the new you, ready for the world.

Joel Yeast 

The Thieves


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