Friday, February 15, 2019

Woof! Bark! Grrrrrr! Some dogs are so playful. Fetch, chase, rollover… and, of course the squeak toy. Dogs do love their squeak toys. Some of them will chew on it over and over and over again, making the noise for their own pleasure (no matter how annoying it may sound to the people in the room). There are real theories as to why dogs love that noise and feeling so much: instinct. This is part of the natural, wild instinct. Dogs are descendants of wolves and when wolves catch their prey, they keep their jaws locked on the animal. When the animal stops "squeaking," they know it's time to move on. While it sounds morbid, this instinct keeps the dogs healthy, alive and satisfied. When your dog squeaks its toy, he's happy, healthy and hungry to live and play.

Has your dream lost its squeaker? Are you still making sure that your dream is alive and ready? Have you lost interest, because you can no longer find the reasons? Remember why you wanted it. Revisit your dream to continue the chase. Keep on going and don't lose your killer instinct.

Joel Yeast