Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Drink water. Are you thirsty? Drink water. Hungry? Start with water. Tired? Cranky? Confused? It may be that you're somewhat dehydrated. The truth is that most people don't drink enough water. Many people drink juice, soda, coffee – literally anything else before they drink water. Water is so much better for you. Choose water first. If you're addicted and must have your drink of choice, choose water (every time) before your go-to habit. Why? Well, there's a good chance your body needs it. Why? Because many water drinkers can burn 200 more calories per day. Why? There's a chance you'll consume less calories per day (along with burning more). Why? Because your skin is also thirsty, and it can keep it younger-looking. Why? Because it's just one more positive habit for your life that is so simple, it'll make success feel easier.

Drinking water helps flush your system, fill you up and improve your overall functionality. It's like an instant boost to your system. Spice it up with fruit, make it fizzy, add ice, use a straw… whatever it takes for you to drink water every hour you are awake. You'll feel healthier right away.

Joel Yeast