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Everything In Moderation


Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Everything in moderation, including moderation." While this tongue-in-cheek quote from Oscar Wilde may have a hidden meaning, the fundamental point is true. Life is about balance. You work hard and you play hard. For some that giving everything you've got to situations and challenges. It also ebbs and flows, but as long as you are conscious of it, you can control where you are focused.

Some people believe that when they chase their dreams they have to give up so much of our lives… or, even who they are as a person… or, worse yet, that they have to live a lie as they give up on something. What's the point of "have, be, do" if you have to give up who you are? Yes, it's true that dreams take sacrifice and dedication. Though, you don't need to give up what you love… you just need to be self aware and keep your compass pointed in the right direction.

And, party a little, because you may as well live life to the fullest; at least you'll get your money's worth.

Joel Yeast 

Your Time To Shine
Get Out The Map


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