Thursday, May 2, 2019

What are the best ways to succeed? What do you need to personally do to achieve your personal goals? If you ask the experts, they will tell you all tell you that first you have to want it badly enough. After that, all the advice goes in hundreds of different directions: challenge yourself, create habits, break habits, meditate, make new friends, keep your inner circle, do something different, eat tree bark! The ideas are endless and have varying degrees of success (except for that last one, I'm not sure if it works). They are all seemingly contradictory to each other. The truth is, when you push yourself beyond where you thought was your peak, you'll likely be surprised by your personal results. I was recently speaking with my friend Sifu Stephane Patenaude about this and he agreed: you need to challenge yourself, create habits, break habits, meditate, make new friends, keep your inner circle, do something different and eat tree bark. Again, maybe not that last one… but maybe so. It depends on your point of view and what that symbolizes in your life.

Each one of us has a point where we need a push. The interesting thing is that you may know exactly what it is. Deep down, you know what you have to do to challenge and push yourself. You know you need to break one bad habit and create a positive one. You may know exactly what and who the positive influences are for your success… and you probably know what and who are the negative influences in your life.

One element of the Patenaude Performance Retreat features a challenge course high above the ground. For many of the elements, the challenge is not so much the task – a balance beam or climbing through a cargo net – it's that the risk seems greater. When you're walking across a log on the ground, it's rather simple. When that same log is suspended in the air, higher than you would ever want to fall, the threat is bigger. But that doesn't mean that you can't do what you would normally be able to do. Your balance doesn't change. The log isn't longer and thinner. There aren't arrows flying at you. It's your perception. Sifu Stephane has a great way of allowing you to challenge yourself, break through your personal barriers and come out on top of what may be holding you back. The hardest part is taking that step of challenging yourself to challenge yourself.

Joel Yeast

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