Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The lights and sounds of the amusement park flash and ping as the smell of cotton candy fills the air. You're a kid again as you rush over to the Bumper Bars, hand your ticket to the attendee and select your favorite one. The idea of the game is to drive your electric car around and literally crash into the other person. There is no real winner, just crazy fun among friends. Sometimes you get hit more than others and sometimes you're the aggressor. You team up and build a strategy that is soon lost, because you're having so much fun. Predictably in Bumper Cars, you see that one person who spends the entire session trying not to get hit. From start to finish, they drive around the edges and avoid all the action as they keep away from the other cars. Nervous, watchful, cautious. When you see that person, what do you do? Yep, you head right for them and get them in the action!

Your life is a lot like that. You could spend your time avoiding the bumps and mistakes; stay away from the action and play it safe. You could take the easy route around the edges, making sure that you don't lose or get hit. Or, you could realize that the game is all about charging ahead, bumping into the problem and bouncing off. Flooring the accelerator with reckless abandon and making a name for yourself right in the middle of the action. Getting blindsided and simply bouncing away only to get back on trackā€¦ and having so much fun for the entire game. Because isn't it all really just a game?

Joel Yeast