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Attitude Of Gratitude


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

"Be generous with kind statements. Gratitude is not a common thing. By being generous with gratitude, you make yourself a stand-out." – Les Giblin

Where do you stand on appreciation? Are you thoughtful in how you handle the people around you? Do you consider how people treat you? In a world of give and take… but mostly take… where do you stand? It's easy to notice when people offend you. It's noticeable when you've been slighted. If something or someone goes against you, you want to call it out. Yet, if there is someone who is kind or helpful or generous, how do you appreciate them? Strangers, friends, associates and – most importantly – family and loved ones, deserve to be recognized for their role in your world. Show the people who matter that you care – as you do, you both rise up together.


Joel Yeast 

The Strange Planet
Rabbit, Rabbit

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Claver TOFFA on Tuesday, 02 October 2018 21:05


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