Tuesday, May 7, 2019

There you stand, frozen with nothing to say. You heard the words, but either they didn't register or you assumed it was for someone else. Why would someone be talking to you? So you don't react. You hear the words again, and it's unmistakable: a direct compliment to you. Not a surface compliment of "good job" or "you look amazing," but specific, honest praise for an accomplishment from an unlikely source. Thoughts flood your head, almost fighting each other – "I don't deserve it" / "But I am worthy" / "They're just being nice" / "It's about time" / "don't look at me" / "see what I did" – and you struggle with what to say back. The silence is difficult. What do you do? Accept the compliment.

Too often we brush off compliments and praise. Recognition can be elusive, but when it comes, you have to be ready. It's a foreign concept and sometimes you feel like you're being arrogant or dramatic. But you've earned it. And graciously accepting the compliment looks better than awkwardly fidgeting or looking away. Take it in and cherish the compliment. Show the world that you deserve the praise. Let them know that you are worthy. Put everyone on notice that there is more greatness to come. This is only the beginning. When you act as if you deserve distinction, you'll bring that much more into your life.

Joel Yeast

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." – Mark Twain