Monday, May 27, 2019

The old man walked slowly through the garden. It was a calm, peaceful place full of flowers, benches, monuments and tranquil reflecting pool. The old man walked along in silence. He took in the beauty of nature and felt the sun in his face. The same sun that he felt so many years ago in this very place, though it was much different then. A long time ago, peace was filled with pain, destruction and war. So many lives torn apart. So many friends lost. So much sacrifice. He remembered acute details about that day, as if it was yesterday. And now, all these years later, the same man walking through a garden was sending peace and love out to the world.

Nearby, another old man walked through the park at that same time. He had similar memories: clenched teeth, broken soldiers, wounded hearts. Both men fought that day, though they never met. And they returned to that spot on the same day, nearly 60 years later.

Walking from opposite directions to the center of the garden, their paths crossed. They didn't speak the same language, but they were no longer enemies. They both had loss, but shared respect for each other. They were both emotional, yet proud. The fighting, the chaos, the destruction all came to pass and then they shared this moment. when their eyes met, they saw the similarities, and all was forgiven. Time heals all the wounds.

Joel Yeast

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." - Hippocrates