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A Sip of GIN for Wednesday, July 20

Dear GIN Family,

The Universe is unlimited and can never be exhausted.  What that means to you and me is that there is room enough for everyone’s dreams and desires.  There is never a need to fret, compete or worry that someone is going to take your dreams, steal your desires or swipe your position.  When we don’t understand this Universal dynamic, we will be prone to fall into one of the worst traps known to mankind, and that is the hellhole of “Jealously.”  The ancient Hebraic writings state that “jealously is as cruel as the grave.”   One of the key factors you will face as a leader and when you start using your gifts to help other people is that you become a magnet for the outbursts of jealously from other people.  Many times, it is those who are closest to us that allow this demon to express itself without realizing they are doing it.

The seed of jealousy is capable in hiding in every one of us without us realizing it, and unless we recognize it, it will do its deadly damage in us and towards others.  Jealousy stems from not believing that there is not enough for all, and that we do not control our own fortunes.  The fact of the matter is, we control everything we get and even the things we don’t get.  As I mentor young Marcus Burgoin, a twenty-year-old Level III GIN member who has a magnificent calling and gift to be a speaker, writer, and leader, I make it clear to him that not everyone is going to love you, not everyone is going to be excited about your gift, and not everyone is going to cheer for you.  If you want to rise to the top for glory and recognition, let me tell you right now there is none to be found at the top.

What you will find as you move into leadership is the opportunity of Servanthood.  You find that you give much of your life to those you lead, and your motives will be from love and not fame.  The reason Melinda and I have been blessed with an excellent fourteen-year marriage is because I asked her this question on our first date: “Do you have a problem with jealousy, because if you do we will say good-bye forever now.”

We now laugh about that question and call jealousy the “Green-Eyed Monster,” and anytime that monster wants to rise in either one of our lives, we smash it instantly!

You have too much greatness within you to fall subject to jealousy without.  Let love and service be your code of conduct and ethics.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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