Dear GIN Family,

Let’s All Prosper!  It is a fact that there is enough wealth on this planet for every human being to flourish in lavish abundance.  Poverty and lack, even in third world countries, is absolutely unnecessary.  We know this to be true because all wealth is governed and attracted into our lives by and through immutable Universal laws that govern all the Earth. There is a way to attract wealth into your life, and it could be in your best interest to learn how to do that.  This was the thought that was planted in my mind in 1979 by my Millionaire Mentor, and that seed has allowed me to grow gigantic money trees through my life and career.  You have the ability to plant the money seed thoughts and then watch them grow into big trees with lots of money fruit on them.

I came to this planet fifty-seven years ago with a mission that was imbedded in my DNA “To help people eradicate lack and shortage from their lives, and to create massive abundance for them to enjoy and do good.”   This mission ticks inside me 24/7/365.  I learned from my Mentor that the first step to wealth is to just make a decision to become wealthy. Don’t worry about the how; just go out and do it!

Here is a Money Secret: carry the number 8 with you because 8 is an energetic money number. It will help attract money to you.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty