Dear GIN Family,

In every journey of life, you will always have to pick the pathway you will follow that you believe will lead you to where you want to go.  I feel fortunate that I learned early in life to follow my Mentor because I trusted that he knew the path to where I wanted to go.  My entire life and career has centered and focused around Mentorship.  There are many good people who have the right desire but simply have the wrong plan for your life. As A GIN member, you must learn to develop your “discernment” and follow your intuition.  In life, if you choose your path from the platform of fear, it will be the wrong choice; if you choose your pathway from the platform of anger, confusion or frustration, it will be the wrong path.

So what is the right path for you?  Listen to those who been where you been and now have what you desire. This is a foundational teaching of our GIN curriculum.  Knowledge is not designed to be stored but rather to be put into operation.  Take your GIN training and put it into action.  You will find that what you learned in GIN is an asset you can depend on.

Life works when you choose to make it work!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty