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A Sip of GIN for Tuesday, July 5

Dear GIN Family,

There is great power in making appointments.  An appointment is a “Definite Decision to make forward progress on something.”  We make appointments to see our dentist, tax accountant or to meet with business associates; we even make appointments to get our hair cut.  Yes, appointments help us to manage and maximize our lives.  What I have found over the past thirty years of seeking to reach my highest potential and good is that we can maximize our study by making an “Appointment” to study.

Every day, I make an “Appointment” to study my GIN and Carnegie Principle curriculum.  This allows me to create the energy to “Faithfully Study without Fail.”  In most cases, we as individuals are good at keeping our “Appointments,” especially when they come with dire consequences when they are not kept.  As responsible adults, we are conditioned mentally to keep appointments.

Therefore, make an “Appointment” to study, and then view it, respect it, and honor it as you would any other appointment you make.  You can even set up a “Savings Jar” and put in $20.00 every time you miss your appointment without cause.  “Forgetting” you made an appointment to study does not qualify as an acceptable excuse.  I make an appointment every Sunday to conduct the Live GIN call, and that is why we show up every Sunday without fail, even when we are traveling or on vacation.

Developing the Habit of Making and Keeping Appointments can move you from small dreams to large dreams and from small success to Great Success, and the best Appointment you can make and keep is an “Appointment to Study Every Day”!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty

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Sunday, 16 May 2021
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