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A Sip of GIN for Tuesday, July 12

Dear GIN Family,

If you desire to have different results than 97% of the masses, you are going to have to live differently than 97% of the masses.  If you desire different results than you have right now, you are going to have to change some things in your life.  This is GIN training level 101, or Level One Basic Training.  We were at the Arizona chapter meeting last month where they have a meeting after the meeting, and that is when all the real fun starts happening.  You have GIN members practicing different modalities of energy from EFT to the Mary Miller’s Instruments and everything in between.  One GIN member made the statement, “It’s like we are from different planets.”  What a great statement!  Yes, we live differently than the masses, and that is why we have what the masses want but don’t have.

Melinda and I live in the mountains. We have city folks drive by on our roads on the weekends and delivery trucks during the week, and I am sure, many times, their eyes bug out of their heads as they drive by my house and I am outside, almost bare naked doing my Energy work, drinking from a dark blue bottle and moving with the breeze in the trees!  Or I may be taking a Sun bath, using a natural bristle brush, with my Crystals on my head.  More than one person has run into the side of the mountain because they could not believe their eyes.  Almost every delivery driver who comes to our house looks around at everything and then asks, “What do you do for a living?”  I reply, “I Sip GIN every day.”

Living differently will always give you different results.  Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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Sunday, 16 May 2021
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