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A Sip of GIN for Tuesday August 9

Dear GIN Family,

Sometimes, we have to experience what we “Don’t” want in order to know what we “Do” want.  As we learn in our GIN training, “Our eyes will deceive us.”  Many times, we can zero in on exactly the things we do want and take action on them.  No matter how we come to conscious awareness of what we want, the most important factor is to take “Massive and Immediate Action” on those things.  On opening night at Dream Weekend, we had the honor of being the opening key note speakers. I shared with our GIN family the Secret that still causes Think and Grow Rich to be a best seller in the 21st Century. That Secret is that Napoleon Hill mastered the Art of recognizing and taking action on “Opportunity,” even when that “Opportunity” was riddled with things his mind could have chosen were many sound reasons why to decline those offers.

Bob Proctor, many years ago, shared with me the importance of saying “Yes” now and not worrying about the “How” in the now.  GIN training 101.  The fact of the matter is, saying “Yes” to opportunity will, many times, cause you to lose money, make the wrong choice, choose the wrong fit and make you feel like you lost until you know the two questions to ask yourself before you act upon an opportunity.  Those two questions Bob Proctor gave me one day at lunch:

1.       Will this decision/opportunity move me closer to my dreams?

2.       Is this decision/opportunity in harmony with what I am doing? 

If you can answer yes to those two questions, take “massive action, now, on that opportunity.”  What I have personally found in over 30 years of being an authentic entrepreneur is the key to Unlimited Riches is to say “Yes” to opportunity, just like Mr. Hill did during his first meeting with Andrew Carnegie back in 1908. 

Don and Melinda Boyer, sharing with you to Believe, Be Brave and Take Action.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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Tuesday, 18 January 2022
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